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Tobias Yule - * Update Pix

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Hi Ladies!

I have kept you with me throughout my new mothering journey; including the beads by my side on the birth alter in hospital, thank you so much for your support!!!

I got, for some unknown reason, preeclampsia…me the homebirth midwife, ah…the irony. However, I had the best care possible at Toby Hospital in Wareham, MA and am very grateful to my midwife and her backup docs for their respect and for going out on a limb for me in allowing me every chance possible for a vaginal delivery, including keeping me under thier care at a primary care hospital.
I can not say enough about the staff and care providers, every hospital should be like this! They are not perfect but so so kind and family friendly...incl sleep with your baby friendly kind of stuff.

And though most unnatural with meds up the wazoo for preeclampsia and induction, I did delver vaginally after three induction attempts…third time a charm. 9 days in hospital over Christmas…the family had come for Christmas from afar so they got to be at my home and come visit…and even see the babe…so that was good timing, in a way.

Our beautiful, precious little Tobias Yule was finally successfully evacuated from the womb on December 27th at 2:35am. 36 weeks and 2 days…5Lbs 5oz, 19in...skinny lil guy! Great eater from the start, ilhamdullehlah!!!, as he needs to fatten up! We are finally at home on bed rest but preeclampsia seems to be resolving well. Now, if someone could solve the sleep problem...LOL!

Will post birth story and pix in the next few days.

Pictures: http://www.birthcaremidwifery.com/tobias/
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Oh Paige, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy to hear that things are going well for you now!!!


I have been worried about you and hoping for an update - I'm sorry things got difficult, but I'm so glad that you have your babe and are healing well. And I'm happy to know that the beads were a source of strength for you!
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Paige, it's so good to hear your update. Welcome Tobias!! I can't wait to hear your birth story. You sound like you are in good spirits. I hope your recovery continues to go well.
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Congratulations! I'm sorry your birth was more complicated than ideal, but I'm glad the hospital was so good!
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Welcome, baby Tobias!
s and Congratulations, Paige. I'm so sorry to hear about the preeclampsia, how scary. I'm glad you were able to have a good backup plan with plenty of support. Thanks for letting us know--we were concerned. SO glad to hear you and the babe are resting well!
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Congratulations on your baby boy! I'll bet he be fattened up in no time at all!
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Congratulations! Welcome Tobias!
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Welcome Tobias!!! Congratulations mama! I love the name, by the way, and I do hope you are enjoying your babymoon.
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Congratulations Paige! I've been thinking about you a lot and wondering how things are going. I'm sorry your birth wasn't the ideal you probably imagined, but it sounds as if it worked out well considering the circumstances! Thank goodness for good midwives

Welcome Tobias!!
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Congrats on a healthy baby!

Three inductions? Yikes. Glad you got your vaginal delivery after all that.
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So glad to hear everything went well, despite all the challenges!
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Congratulations Paige... I have thought of you often over the past few wks... although the labor didn't go as planned; I am glad to hear the safe arrival of your baby.
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Yeah! I've been checking the board multiple times a day waiting (not so patiently) for an update and am SOOOOOOOOO glad all is well! Sorry it was such a tough journey, but I'm thrilled that you and baby are both doing well!
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congrats mama.. love the name..
our ds's share a birthdate

sorry so short still getting the hang of nak.:
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Paige! Congratulations! We were all wondering where you were Welcome Tobias! Sorry things didn't go the way you had planned but happy endings...
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Woo hoo for a healthy baby, mom, and that you were so well taken care of at the hospital.
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Congratulations and welcome Tobias!!!
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Oh, I'm so glad you and baby are ok! you've been in my thoughts a lot lately. Even though you didn't get the birth you'd imagined, thank goodness for a good birthing team who did everything they could to help you get as close to it as you wanted. Glad you and babe are home and are recovering well and that he is eating well... enjoy your precious boy! :
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Ahhh he is such a cutie... thanks for sharing pictures!
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He is beautiful!
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