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Good book and the monster mother

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"Kids, Parents & Power Struggles" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka -- For those who have not read this (or or those who have before and are having a difficult time lately), I just wanted to put in a serious plug. Ds and I have really been at odds lately, what with me being about 2000 times more stressed than I've ever been in my entire life (and not having any time for releasing and no option to let anything "slip"). I'm ashamed to admit that I've turned into a colossal monster over the past few weeks and am almost (with the exception of spanking, humiliating or insulting him) at the polar opposite end of the parenting spectrum from where I would like to be. Today I actually had to go leave him at a work with dh because I thought I was having a breakdown : .

So, I came home, shirked all responsibility (i.e. studying for exams), picked up this book, and within minutes was much calmer and feeling as though I was getting back in touch with the tools I need to avoid being a screaming meanie. I think it's the format - it's broken down into short sections that are easily readable in a pinch but chock full of things one needs to think about to get back on track (without being overwhelming, that is).

Anyway, just putting it out there. Back to studying....

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this monster mother needs help, so just reserved it at the library.


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I've been meaning to read this book forever. Your post was a great reminder and motivator. I'm going to see if my LLL library has it- there is a meeting today. Thanks, and also-
I'm sorry you are feeling so stressed!
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I'm checking the library for it! I've wanted to read this for awhile! Thanks for the motivation!!!

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Thanks for the hugs, mamacrab

I'm almost through the super-stress period, so it will be getting better (I hope, I hope, I hope)....

Glad I could jog the 'ol memories about this book - hope you all get as much out of it as I have

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I have been having the HARDEST &*#$* time finding this book! I made a request for an inter-library loan and I'm still waiting...

I suppose I could get it from Amazon, but I'd rather borrow it first!
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Check out half.com if you don't mind plopping down a few bucks (I definitely understand wanting to check it out first, though!). There are a bunch for pretty cheap (4-5 bucks for the book, 7-8 including shipping)!

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Dragonfly, You're a student and mom??

I'm thinking about going back to school but it sounds like a lot of stress.

(oh, yes, I can be a real monster as well!!)

I think moms get dumped with a lot more stress than non-mom people realize.

Book sounds like a good one (hope I get a chance to read it )

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I'm just finishing up my first year of law school. It seemed like a good idea when I applied.... really it did It has its ups and downs, but I'm still pretty certain it's been worth it - though sometimes I think I might have waited a little longer until ds was through his toddler years. Did I mention I'm not very patient?

I totally agree about moms having more on them than non-moms (of the male and female variety) realize. One thing that has been great about going back to school is that it's forced dh to become a part-time "mother" in a sense... he's always been pretty good about realizing what my real job is (i.e. not houseservant), but his appreciation of a mother's work definitely seems to have skyrocketed in this past year.

Anyway, it is a lot of stress - the most stressful part for me has been feeling as though I can't give 100% to any one thing. Of course, a lot of it is stress I put on myself because I've never been very disciplined or had good study habits. Regardless, I still believe that it's all worth it (though I may have said otherwise had you asked me this time last week ).

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