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I completely agree, it helps you get through the day.

I will try out some of your ideas... although the thought of choaking down some prune juice is enough to make me want to :Puke BUT hey maybe that will bring on labor...
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you know the juice I got was for digestive health and it was PruneBerry and it's not half bad. I could easily drink on a regular basis. Actually I think I'll have a glass now
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Oh boy do I hear everyone's pain here!!! I have gone two weeks overdue with all three of my kiddos. It's torture even if you're not having contractions. Especially when you consider that as soon as you hit 38 weeks you start thinking that you could meet your little babe any day.....and 42 weeks is a whole MONTH away!!!

So, my words of caution.....stripping membranes has some possible negative side effects, you may want to do some research before you agree to it or have it done repeatedly. I've also heard from midwives that castor oil can get labor started but has some negatives that can make for a difficult labor.

I have decided with this pregnancy to accept that this baby will come in his/her own time. Yes it's uncomfortable (if I could get this sprout out right now, I would!!) but in actuality some of the "natural" ways to induce labor (ie: nipple stim, castor oil, stripping of membranes) can get you started on a slippery slope toward interventions that you don't want just as some of the medical ways can.

I'm sorry you've had some negative response with this post. Of course it's fair that you're feeling "done"!!! Here's what I've been doing lately.....Hug your belly, that baby loves you and doesn't want you to be uncomfortable. Talk to your little one and let him/her know that you're ready when they are. Your loving arms are excitedly waiting to hold them close and meet them for the first time earthside!
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Originally Posted by Grayson's Mom View Post
Thanks Ladies, I love my DDC.
Yeah, you do! And we you!!

This stage is so hard. I am so crazy eager for my baby!!
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I have no advice about trying to go into labor as I'm a first time mama. I do, however, have some other advice for you. I know it is hard for you with running after a baby and you're tired and sore and just want to hold your little bundle in your arms.

I suggest you do something that makes you happy and comfortable to ease some of the yucky symptoms you've had. Can you schedule a massage? Is there a comfort food your DH can make for you? Can you rent your favorite romantic movie and just cuddle with DH? Can DH watch your toddler for a while so you can go do something special for yourself? Hope everything goes well.

These won't help you progress in labor, but it sounds like you need something just for you.
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Nothing new to offer except a ! I totally feel for you (and I'm so glad you have your DDC to come to for support! . I honestly feel as if I will always be pregnant... *sigh*

I've been drinking RRL tea, but I might stop because it seems to get the lil one all riled up and she pushes HARD on my cervix for an hour or so (which I'm not sure is productive...?).

I won't do castor oil because I've heard it is more likely to cause meconium in the amniotic fluid and is generally hard on your body (though I know some people have had success with it).

I figure walking and yoga may not actually bring on labor, but as a pp said, may help facilitate and speed up labor a bit when it does come (I suppose because my body will be more flexible, stronger, in better shape for giving birth, etc.), so I'm sticking with that. I particularly like doing squats. I think it's definitely doing some good because my little one has been really low in my pelvis for a few weeks now.

In any event, it won't (can't!) be too much longer!!!
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Originally Posted by meggles View Post
My mw told me I could take an evening primrose capsule in the morning, and insert one vaginally at night (to avoid messyness during the day).
My HCP has me taking 6 orally per day and DH uses one to lube for (and I love how the PP put it) not so hot monkey sex... oh rotfl!

I am also taking HOMEOPATHIC blue and black cohosh, as advised by my HCP. And she is starting me on the herbals next week. Again, under her care and guidance.. I feel comfortable following her guidance and taking all of these things.
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