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Please help me figure out what to do...

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About a week before Thanksgiving Hannah completely potty trained her self. She just took her dipe off one day and never had an accident after that. THEN the week after Christmas she started pooping and peeing all over my house. In her panties, out of her panties, everywhere We thought it was an attention thing with the busy holiday and all, so we paid her some extra attention, my hubby was even off of work that week so she got lots! Still nothing. She will not leave a diaper on, she will take it off, lay it on the floor and squat down to pee on it She will poop in her panties and then take it off and bring it to me. Yuck. I just don't know what to do. We have tried stickers as rewards for going on the potty, but that lasted about 2X. I just can't handle this. Either wear a diaper or don't but this in the middle thing is making me crazy, not to mention all of the extra work. What do you think is going on in that little head of her's
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Since she's so recently started using the potty, my guess would be that she's experimenting. How does it feel to go in these different places? What kind of reaction is she going to get? What is the sensation like? Can she watch herself pee and poop? (That last one is what occurred to me with respect to putting the diaper on the floor and peeing on it - she's peeing in the "right" place, but able to see what's happening.)

So I guess I would react accordingly. Remind her gently why pee and poop go in the potty or the diaper, invite her to help clean up, talk to her about what she's apparently interested in. My ds is fascinated by what shape his poop makes in the potty. He often compares his poop to musical instruments (he often thinks it looks like a saxophone) or to the shapes of numbers. So we talk about it. Quite a bit

Okay, a slightly funny aside. I keep a diary where I write down interesting things my ds has said, and when he started all this poop talk I wrote about it. The other day he called out to me "Mummy! My poop is a number 1! Write that down in your diarrhea!"

If it's about experimenting, then I would think she would get through the phase pretty quickly if you find acceptable ways for her to satisfy her interest (by looking at and talking about pee and poop, or whatever....)

ETA: I remember reading in one of the Ilg and Ames books (Your Two Year Old or Your Three Year Old) about letting kids who are reluctant to poop in the potty go on newspaper "like a puppy". I don't know how you would feel about trying that out, or something similar.
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