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High Blood Pressure.

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Is anyone experiencing this?
Here's a link to a thread I posted on the Birth and Beyond forum (hoping to garner more responses).


This has been very frustrating and worrisome, to say the least. It hasn't developed into pre-e, but could, possibly. Even if it doesn't, it might risk us out of homebirth. Advice and good thoughts are appreciated...
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I'm not hoping for a homebirth (well, I would love would, but darling BF thinks it's bizarre...but that's another story!), but my BP is going up, too. Two wks ago at my OB apt., they took it 5 times. The last time, they had me lay down for about 5 mins, and then took it. They didn't tell me what it was the first 4 times, but the last time it was 146/60 (I think it was 60). Last week, it was 122/40.

I haven't a clue what my baseline is, so I have no basis for comparison. I took it in Kmart the other day, and it was 159/49. I have some swelling, but nothing major (and it's gone down A LOT since I've cut out pop, have cut down on sodium, and quit working [bartending])...no real signs of pre-e. BUT, I'm very concerned that b/c of my BP he's going to push inducing me....something I very much want to avoid. (All the women in my very large extended family go at least 2 wks over....I'm sure I will as well, and I want to avoid induction as much as possible.)

I guess I have no helpful suggestions, but I feel your "pain." I'll send you low BP vibes, if you'll send me some, too!
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Amanda~ Of course I'll send you good bp vibes. My OB also talked about inducing around my due date. I'd do everything else first--strong herbs, acupuncture, what have you. Your bottom number seems low and your top number seems a little high...I wonder what your Dr. makes of this? I think I'm okay as long as my bottom number stays under 90 (and hopefully lower).
Good luck!
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Yeah, my numbers seem kinda "whack" to me, too. One time, my bp was something like 190/56, but he said he wasn't concerned since the bottom number was so low. Which is part of the reason I'm not sure whether to make heads or tails of the whole thing!

(I guess I do have to admit one good thing came from my high BP....the doc. told me to quit working. : ....<--Yeah right! I was thrilled to tell my boss that I had a medical reason to not work!)
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I'm so glad you were written off of work! That is great. I do think the bottom number is the one that they like to see stay low. Hopefully we won't have to think about this much longer. :
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Count me in on the high bp club! No pre-e, but bp is still high and Im on meds for it. I have been on meds since late in the first trimester. Now, its running around 115/80. Friday, it was 136/76, which was still okay considering a scare I had about 5 minutes before involving the baby.
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My BP is apparently high for pregnancy, but still in the range of normal. Every time I go to the doctor, they take it at least twice. The last time (on Thursday), my bottom number was 100 the first time they took it, and then 84 the second time. I also have ridiculous swelling, but no other signs of pre-e, so my doctor is not too worried. He said he will want to induce me if I go more than a week past my due date, but he doesn't think that will be necessary (because I'm 1 cm dialated and the baby's head is really low in my pelvis).

But, it's kind of scary and I worry that it might cause problems during labor.
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I had this the last week of this pregnancy and I was really worried that I too would risk out of the Birth Center. We talked about it a lot and I went in for a Non stress test and did all the blood work, and went on bed rest and all the numbers came in great and the bed rest really helped. I kept track of my bp at home and it was a lot lower. In the end I went into such fast labor that we did not even have time to check my bp before Miette was here! Rest Rest and drink lots of water!
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Hi Meg!

Just wondering how you're doing and whether there's any update on your BP situation? I hope things have worked out for you...
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Hi Christina~ Happy 40 weeks! Thanks for asking about my situation. My bp ranges from 120/80 to 140/90...which my midwife does not like. I've been seeing my OB concurrently and having lab work and non-stress tests done just to make sure everything is okay. Hypertension is not as bad as preeclampsia, but it's not good, either. I'm still hoping for a homebirth. I hope our babies decide to come very soon!
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Ok, I'm crashing from the Feb DDC but I wanted to share this with you. I had high BP too and my uncle who is a licensed acupuncturist showed me points on the ears that he has amazed MDs with due to their ability to lower BP. I tried this and sure enough my BP was WAY down at my next appointment!

There are 2 pressure points on the top of your ears. Just press around until you think you've got them (one on each ear) and you probably have. They will feel sensitive, like other points on your body. Just press them with your fingers with a medium amount of pressure (like a pinch). I swear I could feel a difference right away.
I'd be happy to e mail pictures of these points to anyone. Just PM me.
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