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Vitex during Pregnancy?

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Does anyone know if it's really good or bad?
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I think you are supposed to stop taking it when you get your BFP, that's what I did when I conceived DD.
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What is it? And where do you get it? What is it meant to do? Just wondering. This is the second time I have had it menioned around me in the last week.
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Originally Posted by MOMGOTSPUNK View Post
What is it? And where do you get it? What is it meant to do? Just wondering. This is the second time I have had it menioned around me in the last week.
It's a herb. You can get it from heath store. It *helps* making LP longer. And also I beleive *not 100%sure* O sooner for those who ovulate late or something.
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It's from the chastenbarry tree and it's a natural hormonal stablizer. It's been used by human woman for thousands of years with much, MUCH sucess. It's got something like a 97% success rate it balancing your homonal ratio and allowing your body to stabalize without sinthetic homones. There's only a few woman that don't respond to it.
From what I've read it's safe to take through the first trimester to help prevent miscarriage.
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I posted this in the 30s thread, but for the benefit of others, here's what I uncovered during some research a few months back. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and still taking 400mg a day of Vitex.


"Is there anyone who should avoid taking Fertility Blend for Women?

If pregnant or breast feeding you should only take supplements recommended by your physician. As a general rule, anyone with pre-existing medical conditions or on prescription medications should consult with their doctor or pharmacist before starting a new diet or supplement. Do not take with Clomid or other fertility drugs. Can be taken in conjunction with prenatal vitamins. Discontinue once pregnancy is verified. Although Vitex has been safely taken during early pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage in cases of progesterone deficiency, it is always safest to avoid any drugs or supplements during pregnancy unless prescribed by your physician."


"For women who are trying to get pregnant, vitex may be helpful to help regulate the ovulatory cycle. It may be taken throughout the end of the third month of pregnancy, which may help prevent miscarriage, according to German research. After the third month it is still safe to take but is not recommended, because it may bring on the flow of milk too early."


"Fertility Herbs while Pregnant

Q: Dear Susan Weed, Excellant website, wonderful books. I have a question that I couldn't find answered in your resources. I am 36 and I had two miscarries before I even missed a period. My accupunturist felt it was hormonal, low proestrogen levels in second half of the cycle. Due to chronic stress for 2 years about a year ago. She put me on a blend of raspberry, dongquai and vitex and told me to relax as much as possible and wait 5 months before trying again. I am now preganant again (just one week)--can and should I stay on vitex and/or dongquai, do I need to, or is it harmful. I have found so much conflicting research and I am not sure what to do. I really would not like to lose this pregnancy.

Many thanks!
All best...


A; Hello, thank you for writing. I can only answer you with my opinion based on my experience and learning to date. Since though you originally took these herbs at the advice of this one person, perhaps you would like to consult with that person too. I love Red Raspberry as a uterine tonic and Vitex as a wonderful support for those wishing to smooth out hormonal production in a manner most helpful for conceiving. However to me it matters how I take these herbs. Red Raspberry leaves I prepare as an infusion and drink regularly. In fact I highly recommend it for those who are pregnant, next to Nettle leaf infusions. I drank it through my whole pregnancy and beyond! Vitex berries I prefer prepared as a tincture and taken by the dropperful several times a day. Researching, I have come to believe if this helped one conceive, especially with history of miscarriage, that it would be worthwhile to continue through the first trimester. I would then slowly decrease then stop so not taking in last months of pregnancy since it may decrease prolactin levels. I do not have much personal experience with Dong Quai though so have no comment on that right now."


"Vitex agnus-castus is not generally recommended during pregnancy due to its hormonal effects, although it has been used safely to prevent miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy in cases of progesterone insufficiency. If you suspect this condition, you should see your doctor before pregnancy, or during early pregnancy, to determine if a progesterone supplement is needed."


Under "Synergistic Herbs":

"Vitex can be taken safely through the first trimester of pregnancy, to help prevent miscarriage."


"Another use of Vitex has been to prevent the chances of miscarriage by taking it through out the first trimester."


"It is a wonderful tonic to enhance the chances of conception through its ability to regulate ovulation and if taken through the first trimester, vitex will reduce the chances of miscarriage. After the birth, it helps a new mother to produce plenty of milk."
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beckyphry, thanks for the link!

Now, I feel like taking some vitex to have good lp...

Which brand did you take ?
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This is the link she gave in the 30+ thread.
It's great price. I ordered 3 bottles plus some super prenatal multi vitiams for less then I would have paid for one in my local health store.
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Vitex and Clomid??

I am taking clomid and it looks like they recommend AGAINST taking Vitex when using any kind of drug therapy for TTC...any experience with that??
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From what Becky says they cancel each other out.
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that what I read also!
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