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Intact and no problems

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: All right. This is getting depressing! I know there are more mom's out there who have intact sons and haven't had any problems! I searched for a thread so I could bring one back but, um, only got through 37 pages

So, I have two sons (3 1/2 and almost 7 months) and we have had no problems!

Also, two nephews (5 and 3) also no problems.

This is along the lines of the "Anyone still love their DH" thread started in PAP.

Let's see something positive! :

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to belittle anyone who is really seeking help, I definitely encourage it, just hoping to keep us motivated...
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My 4.5 yo baby boy is intact and he has never, ever had one single issue with his penis or foreskin. My DH is intact as well, same there, no problemo!

I am so glad I didn't give into the immense pressure my former ped was giving me to circ my baby. He was so wrong on so many levels!
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2.5 yo baby boy, no problems ever.
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1 year 1 month old son, no problems.
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4 sons, ages 2.5 to 10, no problems of any kind ever
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no probs here!!
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One son, age ten, no problems ever.
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12 month old with no problems!
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Hey Witchbaby! Nice to see you here!

almost 15 months, and not a problem at all!
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13 mos, no probs...
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Close to 25 months, no problems!

Cute idea for a thread. I like the positive ones.
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I have a 12 month old - no problems.
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only 8 months but no problems
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19 months problem free!
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3 years old - no trouble.

*fine print: Except for the stupid medical folks (a ped and 2 nurses) who have either retracted him before I could stop it (once), or tried to (I got faster)... but there have been no apparent issues to his penis, other than the pain and sense of violation he and I both felt.
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6.5 year old, no problems, other than him crushing his foreskin on a cart (ouch!) which in turn saved his glans from injury, whoot!
I also have 2 intact BIL's, never any problems.
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11 mo no problem.

Father, FIL, BIL, a bunch of uncles and cousins no problems (at least that I know of.)
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6.5 years ds no problems; 1 yr nephew no problems; 74 yr old fil no problems.

The only problems I have heard of (IRL) have been associated with dr's "orders" of retract to clean, so I wouldnt even count that. If he was left alone, he'd be fine too.
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One son, age five with no infections or problems of any sort. He has never been retracted other than what he's done to himself. His forskin is still completly attatched.
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5.5 years and no problem

My brother is 22 with no problems andreally pretty much every male I havever encountered before moving to the US (I'm from Italy).
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