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weeks away from 3years old, and one little red spot on the end that vanished upon my not putting vinager in with my dipes anymore! (Not really a problem - just necessitated some detective work! )
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Ds turns 3 on Monday and we've never had an issue.

Thanks for starting this thread. Usually people only post when they're having problems so it's good to hear from the "silent majority".
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This is great thread! I vote we stickY this!! Mods???
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Mamm2: This is great thread! I vote we stickY this!! Mods???
I second this!
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DS has had crazy diaper rash (until we started doing more EC) and everytime I see the redness I think how good it is that his foreskin is protecting all the sensitive inside parts!

No problems - only benefits - here!!
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Almost 15 years and NO problems...
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21 monthes and going strong no problem. A lil smegma pearling once a few monthes back but nothign unusual!
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Almost 8months old and no problems
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My 2 year old DS is intact and has never had a problem, even though a nurse forcibly retracted his foreskin when he was about 14 months old :

DH is 29, intact, and has never had a problem. Unless you count the time he was 8 and accidentally shut the toilet lid on his penis. : He has a little scar.
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My dad (52) and DS 3 last December are both intact w/o problems. DH was circumcised and wanted DS to be, he kept saying that he would feel to different and the only boy he ever knew who was intact had problems whenever he got an erection. He's from rural Iowa and there were maybe 25 people in his graduating class. I've shown him information proving otherwise but he tells me that when DS has problems with his foreskin when he gets older he's going to the him to ask me why we didn't do it. Whatever, I think he's lame regarding this subject and he needs to be more enlightened!
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DS will be 2 in March and no problems. His dr. retracted him but he didn't flinch so I guess he's retractable, but I leave it alone. I have also forbidden her to touch his penis. I know 3 other little boys born last year that are also intact with no problems.
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19 years old and no problems. Well except for this one time at band camp....just kidding no problems at all if ever!
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2 years old and no problems One morning it was red and a little swollen, but it went away in no time, just from leaving it alone The body takes care of itself!

Also, DH is 25 and no problems ever :
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3 year old son and 13 month old son have never had any problems.
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I have two boys, 9yo and 22 months and we have NEVER had a foreskin issue in nine years. I think foreskins are the most amazing piece of flesh ever. I am so glad that I left my boys intact.
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Two intact sons: one 5 years old and one 6 months old.

No problems whatsoever. Unless you count the doctor who retracted my 5 yo ds when he was a baby as I struggled to overcome my shock and started screaming and yelling at her . I'm not normally like that, but he was crying and there was even a drop of blood.
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3 years and no problems whatsoever.
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My mom has told me that my father (age 67), and brother (age 32) are NOT circ'd and they have had NO problems. My exhusband was circ'd and wanted our DS circ'd and I said NO! I showed him a video online of a babe being cut and asked him "if our DS nose looked different from his would we give him a nose job?" Then he agreed NOT to circ our DS so my DS is uncut. My now DH is not circ'd either and has had NO problems.

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Two intact sons (27 months and 1 month in age) - never any problems.
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