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I have a 5yr.old ds and a 11 week old ds with out any problems.
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almost 27 month old no problems at all.

(other than ignorent Ped. who tried to retract him at 4 months)

I wanted to come back and say that since I posted this my ds developed a bacterial infection that was successfully treated with abx and was totally back to normla within 2 days.

I still dont consider that a problem since it was easy to cure.
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My son will be 3 in March. No problems here. However he stretch his foreskin up to his bellybutton.lol
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My son is 3.5 yrs old and never had any REAL problems...

The only problems we've ever had were doctors... like the doc who insisted my sons high fever MUST be due to a UTI, you know, because he is intact... he was wrong, it was viral. And the urologist who insisted that we need to use steroid creams on ds to help rid him of a smegma pearl, threatening circ if we don't follow her advice : WRONG! (Pearls are a normal part of the separation process for some boys, in case anyone reading this doesn't know... they are not a problem, and should definitely be left alone!)

Really, thank goodness for this board and NoCirc, I've saved my son from unnec caths and steroid creams and who knows what else!
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Originally Posted by Paddington View Post
: All right. This is getting depressing! I know there are more mom's out there who have intact sons and haven't had any problems! I searched for a thread so I could bring one back but, um, only got through 37 pages .
Paddington - I live in New ZEaland and we stopped doing routine circ over 15 years ago,

so we have a whole generation of nationwide un circ'ed boys, I don't know ANYONE who has had problems, not to say they don't exist, but must be pretty rare cos I've never heard of anything

btw i have two intact boys, 3 and 6 - NO PROBLEMS HERE EITHER
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My 5yo and 2yo sons are both intact, with no problems.
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3 1/2 year old intact, no problems
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Hey Ang!

6 months here and no problems!
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30 months, 0 problems.
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ds is 5.75 yrs and no problems!
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No problems here either! ds is 15 months
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Great idea Ange!! Just popped over from our DDC to say, my DS is the only intact boy in our whole family as far as I know, and no problems so far! He's only 6 months, though! But I'm so glad my first 2 kids (pre-MDC!) were girls - otherwise I probably would have circ'd out of ignorance
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2.5 yr old and 5 month old - Never any problems!
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1 year almost 5 months, not ever ever any problems
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DS is 19 months with zero problems.

DH is 29yrs, and the only problem he has had was an infection related to premature forced retraction, as a baby. His bits have been healthy since then.
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Over 50 responses in just a few hours, not bad!

DS is 2 1/2 and no problems- nada!!!

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I have a 5 yo and an almost 3 yo and neither have had any problems.
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Oh wait, I forgot that even though the post count is 58 a few people will reply with multiples.


(Hmm, wondering how the poll would go on other boards!)

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No problems here either for our 14 month old!!
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14 months old and not a thing as well. Actually I was talking to my newly pg future sil yesterday and she said "well has he had tons of infections?" when I started mentioning about not circumcizing. Its sad that that is what everyone assumes will happen if you don't circumcize.
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