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just found out today one of my friend's 2 sons are intact and her uncle, cousins, nephews are too, no problem with any of them either!
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My boy is only just shy of 5 mo but, NO problems
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2 yo - no problems with his foreskin but he does have a lot of yucky ear wax!

DH, my dad, my brother, my grandfather, etc (we're from Europe) - no problems.
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Son (10 y.o.) - no problems
Brother (21 y.o.) - no problems
Brother (28 y.o.) - no problems
Father (57 y.o.) - no problems

Don't actually know of anyone who's intact who's had any problems.

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Intact dh, no problems, great sex too

intact ds' age 3 (already retracting :shock ) and age 18 months, no problems here
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My husband and 4 yo DS are intact and neither has ever had any problems!
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I'll play!

My DS is 3 1/2 and two years ago when we were in the process of moving, I left him in a wet CD for too long. (I admit it. I forgot to change him for a couple of hours. I stink.)

His foreskin turned red and swelled a little.

The complex solution was to take his wet diaper off. He ran around naked but that was more because I didn't know where the dipes were and was butt deep in washing the gross refrigerator out. That was a yucky day!

Voila. Our one and only foreskin problem solved.
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ds is 11 months, no problems. also, i hear my BIL has not had issues either-he is in his early 20's.
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lets see... I don't believe I ever responded to this thread...

my dad and two brothers are intact, no problems.

DH is intact, and definitely never had a problem.

I have three little boys who are also intact and have had zero issues.

Well, my middle son did have a awful penis accident climbing over a crib rail that resulted in lots of stitches, but that, I blame on the crib not his foreskin.
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Originally Posted by Paddington View Post
: All right. This is getting depressing! I know there are more mom's out there who have intact sons and haven't had any problems! I searched for a thread so I could bring one back but, um, only got through 37 pages

So, I have two sons (3 1/2 and almost 7 months) and we have had no problems!

Also, two nephews (5 and 3) also no problems.

This is along the lines of the "Anyone still love their DH" thread started in PAP.

Let's see something positive! :

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to belittle anyone who is really seeking help, I definitely encourage it, just hoping to keep us motivated...

8 yr old son, no problems , nada , never
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4.5 year old son, no problems.

He seems to have a urethral opening that's a big large, and he's had "pearls" twice, but those aren't *problems*, they just *are* and it hasn't been any sort of big deal that has caused problems or pain.
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2.5yo son, no problems to date.

36yo self, also no problems to date.
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8 months and no problems.

DP has no probs either!
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It's pretty likely I've posted on this thread before, but I'm sure it's been a while.  I'm hardly ever on this site anymore thanks to my Facebook --ahem--addiction :wink.  My son is 9 years old and has never had one single issue with his foreskin, not even diaper rash as an infant.  I have not once, not even for the tiniest second imaginable wished that his dad and I had chosen to have him circumcised.  There are so many ways that I am not perfect but I am 100% positive we made the correct decision when it came to leaving his penis alone. 

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It is not until I registered on this forum a month ago that I found out that circumcision is still so common? I have never met anyone who is circumcised, never had it recommended and have never seen a circed penis in my life. How common is it? In Germany, as far as I know, only orthodox Jews and have their babies circumcised and some muslims do, too, when the boys are older. But it is not common. My son is "intact" I would have never even thought of cutting off some of his body. 


Does it get recommended in the hospital? When is it done? And why? Doesn't the penis get less sensitive and make sex less pleasurable? 


My DS never had a problem with his penis, he is 8 now. When he was four or five, he learned to retract it gently in the bath and does so at every bath. It's always clean and not smelly or anything. Neither is DH's ;)

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As far as in upper east TN, in the USA, it's extremely common. In my promiscuous teen years I never once met anyone who wasn't circumcised. Having asked my family now, every male member is. My ex husband was, and wanted our son to be. I allowed it, just assuming it was the norm and what u did. I'm pregnant again, and if it's a boy, he won't be circumcised. The father of this baby was born at 28 weeks himself and spent nearly three months in the nicu, which is how he escaped circumsicion. He's never had any problems, and thus, is fine not having his son circumcised. When I had DS1, I had no idea it was so unnecessary, or I wouldn't have done it then.
And as one previous poster said, sex with an uncircumcised man actually is far superior to circumcised, lol.
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Oh, and the OBs give u a list of pediatricians locally who do it, and the pediatrician agrees to come do the circumcision in the hospital after u have the baby. My sons was done the day after his birth. I wasn't allowed into the nursery, where they do it with the curtain pulled. I assumed the babies got general anesthesia. I had no idea they rubbed numbing cream on, strapped him down, and went to it. Granted, my son was back in twenty minutes, fast asleep,but if I had known the real story, which I do now, no way. I freaked out when they said I couldn't come and took him away, but I had just had a csection and my husband wasn't there, so I felt quite helpless. I could barely walk.
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