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From a Feb 06 mama....

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Just wanted to say that I think February is a *great* month to have a baby!

Now that the holidays are over, hopefully you have a minute to put your feet up, hunker down and hibernate these last few weeks.

I loved being secluded during the cold months with my new dd, snuggling her like a big mama bear. And as spring dawned we began to venture out, first just around the block, then further and further. As the weather got warmer, I got stronger and the weight began to come off. By June all my pregnancy weight (45 lbs) was gone and I felt great in my new (relatively) "slim" body.

At 10.5 months my dd was a joy to share the holidays with, wonderfully entertaining, and charmed all the relatives.

I wish you all the best of luck, you're in for a great year!
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Thanks for the well wishes! I just wish we were having winter weather here. It's too darn hot! 70 degrees is too hot for my 8 months pregnant body!
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I agree Lisa! That is what I have been thinking all along! I just hope mybody waits for Feb even if it is early Feb. I just so want to have my little one then! I am so glad the holidays are over and I still have a month to get things together and just enjoy being pg! Thanks for the well wishes!
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What a thoughtful and sweet thing to do, Lisa. Thanks! It's lovely to see a perspective on the whole thing.
I agree, we're lucky indeed. (but I too wish it were a little more wintery)
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We've had winter since Oct 14.: You can have some of ours.

Thanks, Lisa, for that wonderful encouragement. I really think it will be a fun time to have a baby.
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This will be our second winter baby & we it...
thank you for the encouragement!
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