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stronger BH contractions?

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yesterday i started having stronger contractions. they don't really hurt, i'm pretty positive that they aren't labor ocntractions, but they were pretty darn uncomfortable. and i had them after going to bed and even noticed them in the middle of the night. they made me go oof!

this is just so different than my son, i just don't know what is happening.

anyone ever have their BH get stronger as they get closer?
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I was wondering the same thing! Earlier in the week I had REALLY uncomfortable contractions. I have them about once a day but they always go away. I didn't get this last time until DS was almost here.
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I always get contraction for about the last 2 months. I think that it is great, because they are slowly getting your body ready for labor. By the time I start labor I am always a few cm dilated and labor goes quick when you only have 6-7 cm to go! I just go with them and practice relaxing.
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Definitely having lots of stronger BH contracts here!
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On friday I had these ALL DAY LONG! I've been trying to take it easy ever since.
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I just logged on here too ask the SAME thing.. I have been having much stronger BH as well.. They just started with in the last week. I am ignoring them them though. I have alot throughout the day.. I am not sure if it is a bad thing too ignore them at 35wks, but I am just the same.Mine are also happening even when lying down, and in the middle of the night. I figure if my body figures it is time, then maybe it is time. I know if I go into labor, I will not let them stop it..Not sure if this makes me a bad person or not.. but Ihave decided I am no longer going too stress over this anymore.

I felt ONE, that I wonder if it was the REAL DEAL last night.. I got this mild intestinal cramp, that was at belly button level, then all of a sudden My tummy started too slowly squeeze, and it got pretty uncomfy down low ( sort of period cramping ), it felt.. PRETTY COOL, and I know this sounds crazy, but I actually sort of enjoyed the feeling.. I have been afraid of labor with every pregnancy, and the pain.. but coming here has taught me SOOOOOOOOO MUCH about my body, and too not fear what is going on, so this is what I am doing. going with the flow

Are you doing anything too try and stop yours, or are you also just going with it?
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Originally Posted by MCKMN View Post
Are you doing anything too try and stop yours, or are you also just going with it?

i woke up a few nights ago with pain and was scared it was labor but then it was just gas!

i have a feeling these are cervix changing contractions... and since i have only 11 more days till 37 weeks, i'm not gonna worry at this point.
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Me too! My BH are getting more and more intense and I'm having more each day. They aren't really painful...but they do go up high and seem to cut off my air supply for a couple of seconds...very weird!

I think my cervix is starting to soften now and I'm pretty sure I'm about 3cms...going by the "checking your own cervix" sticky.

Last night I was having a lot of pain, but it subsided once I got up and moved about a bit. I think I'm finally at the point where I'm not as worried about him coming too early. At 35 weeks, I can deliver at my home town birthing center. I'm 35 weeks now, but of course, I'd love for him to hang in there for a little while longer!
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You just eased my mind alot.. I too am completed 35wks, and wondered if I would do any harm but just letting things happen at this point.. I DOUBT very much I will go anytime soon, like this week, but I am also not trying too stop the MANY BH's I get a day..

I'm 35 weeks now, but of course, I'd love for him to hang in there for a little while longer!
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