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When you see the violent video games in the stores you might notice they are now rated. Children can not buy games with adult ratings. Walmart *does not* sell many games with violent or sexual content they sell some but some they refuse. The video game rating system is rather complex and based on *what* is being shown. Heads exploding on the game will get it an adult only rating, just blood will not.

While comic books are not rated I am sure a system is in the works as many shop owners won't sell certain comics to kids, regardless of the lack of a rating system.

I have refused to sell certain books to kids based on the content. One kid was angry at this and brought their parent. When I showed them the book they were appreciative of our policy.

But my point is, violent content is monitored. I feel that this is applicable and I do not wish my child to be exposed to this at such a young age. It *isn't* teens I am worried about seeing the abortion pics. It is kids younger than that whom I am concerned for.

We have all heard of the court hearings regarding the music buisness and the rating system that resulted, and I feel that it is hypocricy to say that exposing children to sex in music is not ok yet exposing them to images of aborted fetuses is.
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I find this amazing.

On their homepage

WARNING: Abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby. This site graphically depicts that reality.
They have a warning on their homepage. Too bad they can't warn people before they see their trucks driving down the street.
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Well, most on here know I'm a huge pro-life activist, and I think that adults who are pro-choice should take a look at the pictures, I do not think they should be anywhere that children could see them. I also don't think anyone should be forced into seeing the pictures, I just think it helps to know what you are talking about, like the assumption which has already been dispelled on this thread that they are "late term abortions" and that an 8 week old fetus is a blob of tissue. I showed my 18 month old a 10 week old fetal model when I was pregnant with her brother and asked her what it was, and she said "a baby" I also showed her the famous picture which depicts a living baby that was "removed" from his mama b/c of an ectopic, I would never ever show her an aborted fetus, and I hope she never has to see a picture like that.

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I do not think trucks should be allowed to show those pictures and not because I don't want to see the "truth" but because children shouldn't have to see sh!t like that. Not to mention I can imagine those trucks can be a rode hazard as well. I think it just goes to show that this organization and those who make and drive those trucks do not care about the children , they only care about being self-righteous.
I took a look at the pictures and I'm still pro-choice.
I do very much wonder how they got the pictures of the aborted fetuses, does anyone know?
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My thoughts are much the same as most peoples. I don't think that they should be allowed to do that. Showing graphic bloody pics of aborted babies as a way to further your movement would be the same as a group against the death penalty having trucks made with pictures of executed convicts. It isn't going to convert anyone, but it may make them lose their lunch. And can you imagine the outrage if someone's loved one was an executed con, shown on one of those trucks? Well, these pictures of aborted fetuses, are related to someone too.
While I agree in the right to free speech, this is NOT free speech. This is forcing graphic bloody pictures on an unsuspecting public. I can turn off the TV if I don't want to see something, but there is not way to get away from a semi in rush hour traffic. I can prohibit my children from playing violent games or watching violent movies, but I can't put a blindfold on them while driving around town to keep them from seeing these trucks.

I am pro-choice and have taken three friends to get abortions. We looked at all the pictures and at all the research. It isn't about not wanting to see the truth, anyone in the situation has seen the pictures.
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