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queasy with chills and aches, then sweats

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Looking for some advice and reassurance.

After breakfast on Friday I felt a little off, I was queasy all day, but didn't throw up. Friday night I got the chills and had some stomach cramping, so I went to bed early, woke up a couple of hours later, drenched in sweat but feeling so much better. I felt fine all day yesterday, went to the gym, went shopping and out to dinner (it may sound like a lot, but it wasn't too crazy). Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the shivers again, it was really awful, I couldn't get warm. I dozed in and out of sleep all night, and was sweating again. Today I feel off, kind of like I've got a hangover from the way I felt last night.

I'm just curious if anyone has had anything like this before. Strange thing is, I haven't thrown up and I felt totally find during the day yesterday. I'm concerned about the baby -- who I do feel moving around. Anyone have words of advice or reassurance that this is not hurting the baby?

(I left a message for my OB.)
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sounds unpleasant but i doubt it will hurt your little one. could it be food poisoning?

i think i got sick towards the end of pregnancy with ds1 and he was grand. i have a good friend who delivered yesterday (more than 9 lb baby!) and she'd been sick lately. of course the baby is fine.

if you can feel your little one moving, that's the important thing at this point. phoning your doc is no bad thing if you're worried.
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Thanks, Rae for your response and hugs. I thought maybe it was something I ate, but if I was to self-diagnose, I would lean more towards a virus since it has come and gone, I haven't thrown up, and I can't think of anything suspicious I've eaten that my husband or someone else hasn't also eaten and felt fine.

I feel so fortunate to have gotten through this pregnancy so healthy, I just hope I haven't now fallen prey to something detrimental to my babe. I left a message for my OB (I didn't feel comfortable calling the emergency service, since I don't think this is an emergency) and I have been texting with my doula, who happens to also be a midwife, but she is on vacation in Mexico. She's going to call me later, but her advice for now was to take it easy and drink fluids.

9 pounds is a lot of baby!! Hope your friend is doing well.
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i got really sick over christmas. puking and such. very unpleasant, couldn't eat for 3 days and was basically miserable. when i went to my mw, i had only lost a pound and the babe is just fine so i wouldn't worry too much
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There has been lots of viral stomach crap going around lately... we had it in November (we were pretty sick though, all puking with diarrhea). If you feel pretty good now, and the baby is moving, and you are drinking enough so that you urinate frequently and it is either very pale or almost colorless, you're probably fine. It's never wrong to call though if something is worrying you... I think resting and drinking fluids is great advice... eat something easy too if you are hungry.

Take care!!
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Thanks, guys.

I slept really well last night and feel pretty good today (just a little weak and not interested in most food). My OB called me back and scheduled me to come in today. I figure it couldn't hurt to get checked out.

Hearing that others have been through this type of thing and all is okay really helps.
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