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Fundal height measurements

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I know it's generally considered +/- two cm.

Do women measure the same generally from pregnancy to pregnancy?

I measured 2cm ahead the whole time last time, and now- I am unsure of dates and want to know how much stock to place on the fundal height.
My uterus has been growing basicly consistantly with growth spurts and plateaus here and there.
I have three possible dates putting me at 22, 23, or 25 weeks this week. My fundal height is 27cm.
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I'm wondering about fundal height for myself as well. This is my 3rd pregnancy, I'm 10weeks, and the top of my uterus is a little over an inch from my belly button (when laying flat on my back). It's frustrating for me, because all the textbooks give average fundal height for 1st time moms and no info on subsequent pregnancies. So now I'm thinking either A) this is my 3rd time, I'm skinnier starting out, and I feel it sooner and popped out sooner. or B) it's twins. I'm hoping it's A.
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In my experience, bellies "pop" out faster, but the measurements are the same. There's no more uterus at the gestation, it's just that what there is happens to be all in front. It would be unusual to be one finger below the belly button at 10 weeks, even with twins. I wonder if you're feeling something other than the fundus, like a loop of intestine, or something (not being able to see you means that could be a plausible or a totally impossible happenstance).
Synco - who is measuring you? Usually measurements are consistent with the same person, but vary between people. I've never compared FH's between one woman's pregnancies, but weight gain seems to follow the same pattern.
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I'm measuring myself every time (except once). I get very consistant results. The mw who also measured me got a number that was 1cm bigger than what I was getting.
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Quoting from "heart and Hands"
One of the midwife's "tricks of the trade" is to schedule a prenatal visit at twenty weeks to confirm the EDD, particularly if the LMP is in question. If the dates are correct, the uterus will be round and exactly at the level of the umbilicus, no matter if the mother is carrying twins, a baby destined to weigh six pounds, or one that will be twelve pounds at term. If dates are off a monther either way, it will be easy to tell. At sixteen weeks, the uterus is halfway between the umbilicus and pubic bone, a tall oval. At twenty-four weeks, it is several centimeters above the umbilicus, a weide oval reaching all the way out to the illiac creast. Unquote

Just thought I would pass that along.
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My fundus was at my umbilicus at 14 weeks.
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With my 3rd and 4th I had u/s to check for dates/twins cause I was measuring so big. With #5 I figured its just the way I was. At 13 weeks my fundus was just below my belly button by about a finger width. And it was def my fundus since thats where we heard the hb. My mw at the time was looking down low by my pubic bone for the hb and I just said, Up, Up Up.

In my past pgs I may measure as much as 6 cm big. But it levels off at the end, and then I fall behind at term. This time is completly different though, measured small early on, then on target. So while for me it stayed consistent for 4 pgs, this time is different.

I don't put much stock in it for determining weeks. Just growth (or lack thereof). But there are several things to change the size. Such as position of the baby, growth spurt, needing an adjustment, ect.
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how does the fundal measurement get affected by being overweight?
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Okay about fundal height, with clients (i.e. daughters and good friend) I just feel do it for them and a chart. I am mainly looking for changes and later position of baby (which will more than likely change also).

About overweight people, being spongy myself , it just makes it alittle harder in early pregnancy to feel (for some others, I know my body).

I think fundal height is subjective to every woman. If there are truly concerns about multiples, then options need to be discussed.
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I rechecked. Had DH check. Waited until I had empty bladder/bowels. I think it's closer to 2 inches below the navel. But it's still high for me. I'd planned doing a UP until 20 weeks, but now I'm considering going in just to make sure there's only one in there.
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I guess the "hippie, naturalist, whatever" in me, says please wait until after 20 weeks before ultrasound to check anything. This way little ones major organs are formed. Two inches is 5 or 6 cm. so that is abit of space.
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There's nothing hippy/naturalist about it! It's true. I'd still prefer to wait until 20 weeks for ultrasound. Not sure if my DH will go for that though. There are no midwives here so I don't have that option unfortunately.
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The recommendations for twin pregnancy and singleton pregnancy aren't usually that different before 20 weeks. It's only after the babies could survive on the outside that intensive monitoring typically takes place. Somewhat morbid to consider, but there's nothing that can be done if the mother's womb is not supporting them well, other than to support the mother.
If you are interested in waiting until 20 weeks, perhaps you can act as if you are having twins until proven otherwise.
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UPDATE: All day I was thinking. I just want to wait much much longer to find out anything. No U/S or OB appointments. Just continue UP. Well, my DH called me from work (a rare thing) and said, "you know, I've been thinking about this all day, and I think you should go UP as planned until you're 20 weeks." Sooo, whew! I think he's finally coming around to the concept of UP/UC and trusting my body. So why go to an OB at all? I have to have 2 documented visits with a care provider to get a birth certificate here. So I'll go at 20 weeks, and one towards the end. Thank you everyone for the info. I'm still hoping it's only one baby in there though!
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My heart is jumping for you. I hope your dh comes around to a UP-UC for you.
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UPDATE: I am pregnant with TWINS. I was obsessing about it so much that I haven't been able to sleep. I tend to be high-stress anyway, and my DH said that for my stress levels, I'd be better off knowing than waiting another 8 weeks. I'm almost 12 weeks. HATED the whole OB experience, and now really have to think about twin birth and UC.

So, yes, that high fundal measurement was for a reason.
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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post
UPDATE: I am pregnant with TWINS.
Congratulations, MamaRabbit! I'm pregnant with twins also, and while I wasn't planning a UC, I'm sticking to my out-of-hospital, midwife-attended birth plans. Nothing weirds me out more than getting sucked into the high risk twin nonsense of measuring my cervix with vaginal ultrasound at every visit, getting put on bedrest for no good reason at 20 weeks, etc. Anyway, just wanted to say hello from one natural birthin' twin-mama-to-be to another.

Also, being a midwifery student, you probably already know about this book and may have already read it, but if not, then check out Having Twins and More by Elizabeth Noble. That's been my favorite twin book I've read so far.
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Congratulations on the twins!!!
Check out the video Psalm and Zoya http://www.earthbirthproductions.com/
It is an unassisted twin homebirth and very cool.
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Congrats on the twins mamarabbit

My update: I am NOT pregnant with twins. Also, suprisingly the U/S gave a due date directly between the two later ones so I am measuring ahead for no apparent reason (currently 28.5cm and I am apparently 22.5 weeks). This means that I heard the FHTs at 15-16 weeks with a fetoscope. So, even though I though of these things as reasonably accurate (and I still generally do) I learned that it is quite possible to appear further along than is likely.
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