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"wasted" nesting energy

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At least my craft supplies are organized now! My gloriously stuffed walk-in craft closet is my little haven of calmness, so really it wasn't "wasted" I guess.
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That is great! With ds 1 I cleaned out a room so we could have a roomate. The house was a wreck.
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With dd I had a spurt of nesting and basically went and bought bathroom rugs, then it was over. Poor dh was really looking forward to the nesting.

This time, it hasn't hit yet, though I feel like one will be coming on soon.
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I've had just about NO energy with moving and all (my favorite 3-letter word to do in the bedroom is now NAP ). There are boxes and things all over where they don't belong, I get a little burst of energy, and it all goes to the closet. I'm hoping there's more, because the kitchen needs some serious unpacking.
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I had a surprising amount of energy this morning, and without coffee, to boot (!!) and got together some laundry for the new baby, as well as organizing a few of the boxes we have sitting around that need to go down to the storage locker.

I wondered if it was too early to show any signs of nesting, and am relieved to find out that some of you are experiencing the same feelings!
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I would need a week of 24/7 nesting around here to get this place looking even halfway ok...
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My house is shaping up since I have been in nesting period for several weeks. My DH isn't too happy since he is the one who has to tote all the stuff to our backyard shed Oh well, at least it is out of the house for a while. My next big project is the playroom/computer/craft room AKA our formal living room. That is this weekend!
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i've got all the babes clothes and diapers washed and put away. i've been making beds every morning and keeping stuff super clean as i don't want to go into labor and come home to a messy house. with ds1 i rearranged the entire living room by putting the furniture on my slippers and sliding it around on our hardwood floors.
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Well craft stuff is the fun stuff to organize! I have been working everywhere but dh has to help put stuff in storage and he hasn't had time yet. I can see him moving everything out as I am in labor because I freak out on him about it! I worked on my room today because I have to have one room I know is clean that I can labor in!
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Oh I wish nesting was a source I could tape into when I wanted to organize things! It's been great, for about 2 weeks I've organized a lot of the mess in this house. I need to get around to the diapers and clothes for the baby tho . My mother has been having nesting hormones too or something, I actually don't care either. She comes over once a week and cleans our fridge of the leftovers we've let go moldy n things and cleans those dishes out -- DH and I have not complained an inch on that! Now if only my toddler would catch a little of the nesting vibe and clean up on her own :.
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