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I think I look a lot like Img8ful's belly. I have a tilted uterus too, so we'll see when I pop with this 2nd baby. I'll try to get a pic.
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Here's me at 9 weeks

and again at 13 weeks

Some days I feel huge... others I just feel like me. Oh and please don't mind my lovely stretch marks. Do I look a little bigger in the second? (I was sucking in a bit.. force of habit and dh was taking FOREVER to take the darned pic)
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Yes! You look bigger in picture two. And the stretch marks are beautiful. I call mine my badge of courage! I earned them and am proud of them!
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Beautiful bellies everyone!!!

...and I still find myself unconsciously holding in my belly occasionally too - I keep having to remember to let it all hang out and be proud!

Let's keep 'em coming.... who's next????
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Me at 11w3d.

Me at 13w6d.

There's been a lot of change, but not really visible, if you know what I mean. 11 weeks was all about displaced pudge. The belly is definitely more of a firm little baby bump now.
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I've really popped since my last picture. This is the Baby Chickpea Bump at 16weeks !!


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Denise your bump is sooo cute. : I think I need to get another pic up again soon I feel as though I have popped out more recently. Right after I felt distinct movements it seems like I am showing more.
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Originally Posted by 2much2luv View Post

Aww that's sooo cute!
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Beautiful Bellies!!!

Everybody is DEFINATELY progressing around here!! YAY!!

Here's my belly pics thus far... I'm 13 weeks today, I was going to wait until 14w to take another set, but I totally hear ya on the growth spurts--I am DEFINATELY bigger since my 12w pic!! My belly doesn't seem to have 'grown' so much as COMPACTED in the last 6 weeks... it's getting a LOT harder now, where it was soft before!!

Check 'er out:

4w1d (when I got my bfp!)

Sorry about the green hair in the last pic--we've been swimming + I need to recharge my camera batteries! lol...

Keep on posting pics ladies! I love seeing the progression!!!!!
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We should sticky this thread at some point so we don't have to dig for it later.
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I posted an 11 week on back at Christmas and now here is 16 weeks

Then there is my ds again who likes to stuff his belly for the belly shot (his hasn't grown much since the last stuffed shirt photo!)
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Everyone has such cute pics! I haven't taken a single picture of my belly yet. Maybe we should do that soon.

I especially like all the kid pics. When we talk about the baby in mommy's tummy, he usually says that he has a baby in his tummy, too. Too cute!
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I haven't taken a belly picture yet, but I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and have quite a belly! I call my stretch marks, love marks! When my five year old asked about them, I told her that each one of my babies left me their own set of love marks so I could always remember the time you spent inside of me!
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okay! i'm game.
here's eight thousand pictures of my little bump. (bear with me, i'm just trying to keep it organized this time. thank heaven my digital camera remembers the date - i sure don't!)
: i love seeing bellies so much that i'm sharing mine!
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Little boy with the stuffed shirt!

Here's the latest and greatest!
belly now
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Aww Clara your bump is sooo cute and you definitely look like you've popped now! :
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Oops, I didn't see this sticky before I posted my own belly pics thread down below.

Here's my 12 week belly pic:


And today, at 15 weeks exactly.

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What cute bellies!
I've taken a few of mine since I hit the 12 week mark but I haven't a clue how to post them. Maybe someone could post some instructions one more time. . .
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Can I share too! Here is mine at 3.5 months ( i think i was 13 weeks or so)
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