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Who's using a convertible rather than infant car seat?

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After doing some reading and thinking, I am wondering if it is a better idea just to use a convertible Britax carseat rather than the infant seat and moving up to a convertible later. I plan to use a sling w/ my baby anyhow, and don't plan on the stroller system thingy, so am I on the right track w/ spending once and having a safe (non LATCH) seat for my new baby?
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My mom just bought me a Britax Roundabout. I hate those flimsy little bucket seats. A lady that we know that owns a childrens shop told me how she refused to use those for her dds when she saw a women walking with one through a parking lot and the handle broke right off and her baby fell to the ground. Also if you forget to put the handle down when in the car and are in an accident your child could be literally cut in half :. Did anyone see the new safety report on them? That all but two tested were completely unsafe.
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We've planning on doing the Britax roundabout all along because it just made more sense both financially and lifestyle wise...we live in a city and don't use our car that often so we probably wouldn't use an infant seat enough before they grew out of it...

Also, the convertible fits more with our values... in terms of minimizing our household "stuff factor" and our desire to invest our money in well made things that are well designed and most useful for the longest-term possible...

We have several other friends, btw, who have done the convertible over the infant carrier, and have had no problems at all.
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Yep we are using a convertible also. I'm going to buy another marathon ( or what ever the bigger one is : ) after the baby is born...thats when we get our taxes back we don't plan on going anywhere soon after birth and if we do we have a cheapy back up that DD can sit in that in uncomfortable for small babies.
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We already have an infant seat so we are going to use that for a while & then move to the Britax we are buying.
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Has anyone seen any research that says that one is safer than the other for newborns and infants less than 20 lbs?

I really would like to ditch the bucket seat we used with our son when he was an infant and just use a convertable the second time around as long as they are equally as safe for infants.
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I have always used a Britax Roundabout. I hate those bucket things. Just yesterday actually we got it out and looked it over. I did order a new cover and belt buckle though as it is getting old and grungy (it is 7yo after all!). For those who way already have one, you can order replacement parts pretty cheaply from www.britaxusa.com

You do need to remember with a convertible though, that baby is newborns are not as well cushioned as they are in a bucket. Make sure that they have good head and body support when they are in it for a while.
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Baby bean will be going right into a Britax Roundabout, just like dd did. Actually dd is still in it at 2 years old (though I realized yesterday that she's a little too tall for it ) Thankfully, we ordered her a Regent on Saturday and it should be here in 2-6 weeks (course I'm due in 6 weeks...)
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Originally Posted by MamaKalena View Post
Has anyone seen any research that says that one is safer than the other for newborns and infants less than 20 lbs?

I really would like to ditch the bucket seat we used with our son when he was an infant and just use a convertable the second time around as long as they are equally as safe for infants.
They are equally as safe, if not safer. I was told this by a carseat safety technician who absolutely ABHORS "baby buckets..." he said that so many people use them improperly (don't put the handle down, pull the canopy too far down, don't check the base every time for stability) that they are like little baby death traps unless used ABSOLUTELY properly. This goes for any carseat, but it seems so many parents don't know the top bar is supposed to be DOWN at all times, or where the chest clip is supposed to be, or to put the canopy in the right place.

To the OP: we got Roundabouts too... I wanted Marathons but they wouldn't fit in our SUV along with DD's Marathon (when the twins come, we're going to have three carseats in a row!) DD has been in a convertible since 2 months old and had no problems, and I hate baby buckets.
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I have both, we used the carrier with DS until he was about 5 months old, when he outgrew it in length. I will use the carrier again with this baby until the baby is too big for it (since my son got so long so fast, I'm thinking I just make tall babies). It is SO nice to be able to put the baby in a nice warm car seat in Michigan in the middle of winter! DS is still using his Britax Roundabout and when he outgrows it, the baby will get it. I think we'll wind up with about 6 car seats by the time everyone is finished with them! DH likes to have one in his car so we've currently got 3 of them.
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we have 2 marathon's and i love them. so worth the money. we do have the snug ride baby bucket (the one that passed the crash tests) as well but i don't know how often we'll use it. we always put ds in the sling and he hated the baby bucket so we switched to a convertible at only 2mths. we do put the head rest/supports in there though to keep the babe from flopping his head to the sides.
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we are buying a carseat from the hospital then once baby can sit unassisted he/she will be put in a convertable
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So which is the better Britax for age 0-2? I read the Decathalon, but it seems that a lot of people have the Marathon and love it. I saw that the Decath reclines? I did see on the Britax site that it comes w/ an infant and toddler "pillow" to adjust to different sizes. I was thinking about getting one of those infant support systems from BRU... Not much time to figure all of this out! 4 weeks to go (until EDD)!
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Personally, if I was buying a new seat for the baby, I'd get the Boulevard. Technically, those little infant support things are bad since they aren't made by the maker and haven't been tested in the carseat. All the seats recline so that when rear-facing baby isn't sitting straight up. Then when you flip it around, you make it straight up.
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Would definitely do a boulevard or marathon since they go to higher heights/weights than the roundabout. I have my daughter in a marathon and she has been in it since about 5 months (now 2 and a half). She fits as perfectly now as she did at 5 months. The best part about having a britax rearfacing is that you can tether it and get such a stable fit. That said, I will be using an infant seat with this one as long as she fits for my convenience. I am a sling/pouch/carrier wearer but my son goes to school 3 hours a day and I have to walk him in and out of the school. I am hoping to just carry the infant seat in without taking baby out.
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There is a great forum at car-seat.org where you can ask these questions.

IMO most of the convertables DON'T properly fit an average newborn very well. Even though the Britax seats say 5-65 lbs on them, I've never seen a 5-7 lb baby fit in them properly.

Dd, at 9 lbs, fit fine in the seat as a newborn... she was also 22" long...

remember for RF seats you want the straps at or below the shoulders, and the lowest setting on the convertable seats is higher than most newborns.

I LOVE our Britax Boulevard, it's the best seat ever... but I don't think I'd use it on a newborn, just because they don't quite fit right. We'll use a bucket until about 12 lbs, even though I expect this baby to be about 9 lbs too, and then move to the convertable at 2-3 months old.
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Good points. I was wondering how a seat could really fit a newborn and a child that's 65 lbs! But I think that the cost of the infant seat plus the new conflicting evidence about infant seats has me thinking that my baby isn't going to be doing a lot of traveling the first few months anyway! And, as my doula pointed out, you put the baby right OUT THERE for people in public to invade your baby's personal space when they are propped up in a carseat on the shopping cart, etc! I think I'd rather carry the baby in a wrap in public (when I have to be in public!) than cart the heavy infant seat anyway. Thanks for the imput, I will check out carseat.org
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I had originally decided to go just with the convertible (we got the evenflow triumph as a gift), but then I noticed that a ton of infant car seats were popping up on our locoal freecycle chapter. I snatched one of those up so that we have a warm snuggly seat for this winter baby. if we don't like it, we'll just pass it on to someone else. You should check freecycle out for lots of free baby things. if you do get a used one I was told it is important to ask how old the seat is, if the base has ever been submerged in water or if the seat was ever in an accident. Good luck!
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I have pics of Ilana in Britax seats at 7 and 8#, she does not fit at all and she's 2 mos old.
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I had thought about doing this, but I think I am going to start with the "buckets" and save for 2 more marathons... It's nice n the winter to be able to get them in their seats inside and just snap them in the car... With DS I didn't use it as a carrier except from my house to the car- but that was nice.. I am thinking with winter babies I will appreciate that even more.
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