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My babies hae all been born on the small side around 7 lbs even and have always gone straight into the roudaout. The lowest setting on the shoulder straps was not to high, and as I said with some head support they fit just fine in it.

I even brought my first to a car safety tech to make sure and he agreed that she fit in it fine and that there were no issues.
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We'll be using a convertable seat but probably not until baby hits about 2 months or spring comes. As much as I dislike 'buckets' from an AP aspect they just make more sense in my environment. It's very difficult to take a newborn in and out of the house/stores when it's -20 to-30C and have them maintain their body temp. You can't put them in a snowsuit in either carseat for safety issues and it's near impossible to bundle/unbundle them every time you take them out of the van. I'm very careful (can you say anal?) about carseat safety and my SIL is the local public health nurse who actually inspects carseats and does carseat clinics so I always have an extra set of eyes around to check things out.

With my 2.5 year old, she outgrew her 'bucket' by the time she was 5 months old (and the middle of winter) It was not fun. I don't know what I would have done without my pouch!
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DD was born in a snowstorm in Jan. and it was bitter cold for months after she was born. We used the bucket to/from the house, and generally left it in the car and used a sling under my coat for going in/out of the store, meeting, etc. because the car didn't get bitter cold by the time we got back.

I'd sometimes sit with her in my coat while the car warmed up a bit before putting her in the seat to go home.

The person who found a bucket on freecycle - please don't use a used car seat. You don't know the history of the seat and it mnight have been in an accident or have a missing part. It would be a tragedy to have it malfunction in an accident.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976 View Post

IMO most of the convertables DON'T properly fit an average newborn very well. Even though the Britax seats say 5-65 lbs on them, I've never seen a 5-7 lb baby fit in them properly.

remember for RF seats you want the straps at or below the shoulders, and the lowest setting on the convertable seats is higher than most newborns.
We have a Britax Marathon and DD couldn't use it at first because while it says 5-65 lbs, didn't fit her too well. Straps were above her shoulders and her head was swaying to and fro...as someone else mentioned...if the pillow isn't made by the maker of the car seat, technically it is not safe. There should be nothing inbetween your DC and the car seat besides the clothes they have on. Even recommending now to not wear heavy jackets.

We ended up using our neighbor's bucket seat (recent model) with a warm cozy thing that goes over the top like a shower cap. As someone else also mentioned, nice to bring car seat in to get warm here in cold WI...although, many days have been fine. We live in a great neighborhood that we can walk to most things. DD loves the sling and that is how we spend most of our time anyway.
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You can't use a Britax if the straps are more than inch above baby's shoulders at the lowset level. That pic is of Ilana in a Roundabout at 7# and 20".
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was just having this discussion today - we got a snugride since it seems to be the most highly rated and fits our stroller should we want to use it that way, but my safety-nut SIL is getting this for her 9 month old...


and here's coverage of a recent report, FYI: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16473196/
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I would reccomend AGAINST the Radian 80 b/c the straps aren't any higher than the Radian 65 so you're paying an extra $100 for an infant insert you won't need.
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