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2 hour cleaning challenge anyone? This evening only

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You are sitting in a messy house and there is nothing pressing going on this evening. . . you know you need to join me in this. . . you know it will help you sleep better. . . come on!!!! Here is the rules.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean till it goes off then come and post a smiley and tell us all how good it feels and how we should do it too. First person to get 2 hours done wins! And the winner gets. . . a cleaner house and whatever indulgent treat they can find in their kitchen. Ummmm that means if I win I will have a big glass of wonderful trader joes blueberry juice.

Ready. . . come on you can do it join me!!!!!!!

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my first 15 minutes is done ladies. . . let me tell you it feels GOOD! I have a load of laundry that had been sitting in the dryer for about 3 days all put away!!!! And a load of whites is in the wash soaking right now. I feel better already. And my yummy blueberry juice reward, it is chilling in the fridge just waiting for me.

I am feeling so good ladies. You know you are reading this thinking about your messy house and how depressing it is and how you want to feel good too. You know you want to join me! Come on think of a reward you will give yourself and see if you can get 2 hours done this evening too. Your reward will be so much more enjoyable than if you go and get it while you surf around on here. If you go get it without earning it you won't enjoy it like it is meant to be enjoyed.

Come oooooooon. . . you can do it! you can do it! you can do it! get your timer out set it for 15 minutes. . . ready????

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When I get home... I'll do this..

Actually my office could use this as well.... I'll come back after I pump and do my 15 minutes here.
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Wendy!!! You are going to be very glad you are doing this and you are going to sleep wonderfully tonight!

I just finished my second 15 minutes and parts of the house are beginning to look picked up! It is worth it, my lazy body is not happy with me and doesn't want to do ANYMORE but my face is smiling as big as can be because I know I'm gonna win against the lazies and I'm gonna get my cleaning goal reached!
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Christmas Tree and I got in a fight for the last 15 minutes! But the ornaments and lights are off the tree and I am only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from completing my goal. And I think in the next 15 minutes I will be able to get all my Christmas decorations put away!

Wendy hope your office is getting nice and tidy. I work at home now but I remember when I would clean my office at the end of the day the next morning my work day would start off so much more productive!

I just saw in your sig you are pumping for your little one in the NICU, any idea when your little blessing will get to come home? You are a great momma working hard to pump for him!

Come on lurkers, you know you want to get your house cleaned up too. Its not too late! See if you can get in 2 hours tonight before you head to bed! You will feel wonderful. I am feeling fabulous and I was so dreading this before I started!
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My whites are drying, an easy load of towels are in the wash. Its time to little one and hopefully she will go to sleep while I do my last half.

I'm feeling good abt the cleaning getting done but I'm a little lonely. . . I could really use some more company. Does anyone wanna try 15 minutes with me? It doesn't hurt! It counts as exercise! I'll cheer for you!
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OK, I just logged 30 minutes. I hate de-cluttering, but I can get on a roll with basic cleaning. Both bathroom mirrors and counters cleaned. I then vacuum both bathroom floors, hallway rugs and carpets, livingroom and kitchen. I did spend about 5 minutes fishing a playsilk out of the vacuum:
I have a girl scout meeting tonight so that's about all I can do, but hopefully Dh will notice after he gets back from watching football. We've had a major fight over that state of our apartment. Always cluttered but usually clean. We just have too much stuff for our space. I have lots of paper clutter, but he has lots of clothes, he takes up the entire master walk in closet. I share a tiny one with dd. Plus he has 2 exercise balls, stepper, free weights:
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I'm in! Starting right now...
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Chel for you! 30 minutes is WONDERFUL. I have a goal to do 20 minutes every day. You would think that would be easy but I can't stand picking up and often I don't do ANY cleaning. You have done great!

Amy! So glad you are joining.

Wendy? ? ? are you still there, I hope office paper clutter didn't eat you alive!

I was starting to get tired and think about giving up but you all have remotivated me!

I'm off to do 15 more minutes and then get some dinner! Be back soon!
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Boy does my house need it :
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Count me in!

Watch out kitchen here I come.
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Angel you can do this just try 15 minutes there I just gave you a nudge!

I just completed another 15 minutes I have 45 minutes left til I reach my goal.

I'll be honest it does start to get a little harder each 15 minutes cause you do the easiest stuff first. But I obviously still have a long ways to go since there is a huge gunky pot begging to be cleaned sitting by the sink. Can you tell I've been avoiding that one.

Now I am going to eat my dinner and keep checking this thread to cheer you all on. It really does feel good. Although I am so excited that I am actually succeeding that I'm not sure how good I will sleep tonight, I've got myself wound up. I NEVER clean this much!!!! But even if I can't fall asleep good tonight I won't be lying awake thinking about my messy house I'll be lying in bed SMILING thinking about how much less messy it is now than it was yesterday!!!
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Ok-I just did 30 mins in the kitchen. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Cleaned out the bottom cabinets and put away all the stuff that has been living on the countertops instead of the bottom cabinets. Moved everything and washed the countertops. Gave the stovetop a good BS scrub down.

Back to the kitchen. I am 1/4 of the way done!!!
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Good job pwit!
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Way to go Pammy!!!!

Emptying my dishwasher is next and then tackling a NASTY pot sitting by the sink. I know that won't take 15 minutes though, I think I have some laundry that should be dry by now though! I will again when I get my next 15 minutes done

1 hour 15 done
45 minutes left!
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: : :

I just did 30 minutes in my bedroom - which hasn't been cleaned since Jan. - of 2006! {I was too sick while pg, and haven't had the chance since.}

You can actually see floor now!:
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Angel! Thank you for the encouragement. I cannot remember the last time I have gotten this much cleaning done in one day. Before I started this thread I had gotten one hour of cleaning done today already. I NEVER NEVER clean this much. It feels good though. Tomorrow I think I will go back to my just cleaning for 20 minutes though. . . don't want to burn myself out! But seriously if you haven't started tonight you should try it just a little little bit. Get the timer set it for 15 and try! You can do it!!!!

In my last 15 minutes I was able to put all the Christmas decorations I don't want anymore in our give to charity box and unload the dishwasher and reload. . . and the NASTY pot . . . well it is soaking .

Here is where I'm at with my goal

1 hour 30 minutes done
30 minutes left
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DakotaMidnight, that is how I would feel if I mopped my kitchen floor! LOL I don't remember the last time I did that- YUCK!

: I'm happy happy happy right now though because I just finished another 15 minutes. I only have 15 minutes left til I have reached my goal. I really wondered when I started if I would be able to reach it. Ladies I am not the type to keep a tidy home. If I was further along in my pregnancy I would think that labor was about to start (I'm only 13 weeks).

I am off to do my final 15 minutes and then I will be relaxing with a big tall glass of Trader Joes Just Blueberry Juice. . . . YUMMO!

Pick a reward ladies, set a goal, even if it is just 15 minutes, set your timer and GO GO GO!!!! You will feel great! I feel fabulous! A little bit worn out but it is sooooooooo worth it!
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Another 30 mins down and my kitchen is spotless (well, close enough)! I moved the micro. and cleaned under and behind. Yuck! Wiped the cabinet and refrig fronts. Vacuumed and washed the XL kitchen floor. Our house is really tooooooo big!

And no that does not include the 5 mins I spent going down stairs to get the "good" vacuum and convincing our black lab who followed me downstairs that it is in fact OK to go up stairs (even if they are the extra scary basement stairs. She has issues . Or the ten minutes DH and I spent lifting and moving and shoving books under our portable dishwasher because I accidentally ran over the vacuum cord and the plug got stuck under the dishwasher.

This is why I do not clean as often as I should. It almost always becomes bigger and longer than it needs to be with all these stupid things happening along the way. As my MIL says "This is too much like work!"
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Pammy tack those 5 minutes onto your cleaning time, they COUNT!!!

Ladies I am FINISHED with my goal. I have a big refreshing glass of blueberry juice in front of me and I am going to enjoy some TV with hubby and maybe some lovin!!!

I'll be back though to check on you all! Keep up the good work!!!!
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