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2 hour cleaning challenge anyone? This evening only - Page 2

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Count me in. I moved to our new place 2 weeks ago so I better get off my butt and start unpacking some stuff. My kitchen needs cleaned and I have a ton of laundry to do. Maybe if I can get most of downstairs done tonight, I can work on the bedrooms tomorrow. I think my reward will be a nice bowl of soy cherry chip ice cream with honey and some CSI. Be back in 15 minutes!
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Great job pwit!!!! You really deserve that glass of yummy juice (and some yummy DH ).

My reward was two semi-frozen ho-ho's :. When I went into pay for my gas after work they were calling my name and I cannot resist chocolate!

I am done. It was not a full 2 hours, but I have to be physically in bed by 9:30 if I am going to be at work fully functional tomorrow at 7:30 am.

Here is what else I got done: scrub out bathtub, spray and rinse shower walls, clean bathroom mirrors, scrub toilet (inside), throw in a load of towels and bathrug, wash toilet outside, top, rim, etc... (except the bottom). So tomorrow I just need to wash the bathroom floor and the bottom of the toilet (my least favorite job~dog hair central). I can easily get that done in 20 mins plus another load of dishes. Then my kitchen and bathroom are done!

Too bad they were the easiest rooms in the house! :

Ladies, Good Night and Good Luck!
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Ok, I just did my first 15 minutes. I wiped down the counters, sweeped the floor, and put a load in the dishwasher. And I made a smoothie in between there...
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Another 15 minutes done - got my old maternity clothes out to the garage for the sale next weekend. Picked up somemore in my room, and sorted out old textbooks to be taken to the college bookstore for sale.

Next up is packing up all the ebay sales are getting them out to the door for pickup tomorrow.

And btw - my reward is a skinny cow!
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You ladies are all doing wonderful!!! It is amazing how much you can get done in 15 minutes and then it makes you want to do another 15. It is almost 11pm here and I am exhausted so I am going to bed. This will be the first thread I check in the morning though. Maybe it will motivate me to do a LITTLE cleaning tomorrow. (of course I gotta make sure I don't do too much or I'll risk burn out!)
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I gathered up all the dirty laundry and put it in front of the washer. I put in a load. I took some boxes upstairs that I need to unpack.
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Another 45 minutes down - All the ebay sales are now boxed, postage is paid, pickup is scheduled, and they are waiting by the door.

Just 30 minutes more to go!:
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Well - I'm throwing in the towel for tonight - babe is waking up.

Looks like I'm only 20 minutes short - I'll treat myself anyways.

We should make this a daily thread!
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Great job ladies! Dakota you definitely earned that treat! Coming in late in the game and go go going!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today knowing their homes are cleaner!
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I will be joining in again this evening. Got some errands to run before I get to work. See ya then!
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Can I jump in today??

I'll go start!

15 minutes!
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15 minutes done!

Have I even made a dent in the kitchen????


Back again soon....
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I'm thinking about tonight. I will see how I feel after dinner. Not feeling so hot right now.
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First 15 done. Doesn't look like I've made a dent.
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Gem- that's how I felt when I started yesterday, but it DID make a huge difference by the time I was done.

Pammy- AGAIN? You are brave. I'm supposed to be leaving probably in an hour to spend time with my sister. I'm tempted to post a small goal of 30 minutes. . .but I don't want to burn myself out on cleaning. I did my 20 minute clean up this morning and have tried to pick up after myself throughout the day.

Okay 30 minutes, I'm talking myself into it. And my reward when I get 30 minutes done. . . chips and salsa although I'd rather have a Snickers bar- too bad I don't have any in the house!
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nevermind, sister called earlier than I expected so I won't be joining you all tonight. But have a great time!!! It is worth the work!
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I have to go out right now- but what a great idea!
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Another 15 done. I think I'm going to have to take a break and get the kids to relax.
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I didnt have time to read the posts......
I just did a MARATHON.....4 1/2 hour clean up:
put all of xmas away, changed beds, put away laundry,
cleaned bathroom, vacuum'd, dusted, decluttered.........:
and now I find out my hot tub is broken:
I could sure use a nice LOOONG soak about now
despite that though, I sure do feel good
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I am in for tonight. for a little while anyway...I am sick with a nasty cold and haven't done much all day long and the house is trashed from my 1 and 2yo's! how does it get so bad so quick?

I am aiming for 30 min. to start be back later!
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