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I am in complete denial...

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I just can't imagine that I'm going to have another baby! I can feel her moving and rolling around in there, but I think this time around I feel so much better in general and I'm so busy with my son all day, that the days seem to go by very quickly. I will be 36 weeks on Wednesday, and will be seeing the doctor weekly from now on. It's just really odd to me that we're at this point already, it feels like not long ago I was moaning because I was starting my third trimester. Now, I'm truly in the home stretch, where labor could really start at any time. I've washed baby clothes but not diapers yet... and have been talking with DS about the baby a lot. I bought a pack of newborn sposies to get me through the first week or so home, and they are so darn cute, I just can't believe I'm going to have a butt small enough to fit inside them!

Anyway you'd think it would sink in by this time. Maybe once I've got her out and on my chest nursing, I won't be in denial anymore
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and i bought sposies too since i won't be able to go down to the basement to wash dipes for a bit.
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I'm in complete denial over the lack of sleep thing. I've been a strong sleeper my whole life. I always thought I'd finally outgrow it, but nope. I sleep like a teenager. Even during this pregnancy! It's going to be weird....

I agree, Liz. Although it's pretty funny to forget one is pregnant while carrying around a big ol basketball!
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I think I'm in denial too. It's just hard to picture how much our lives are about to change. Just tonight I was upstairs looking at the newborn clothes and diapers and thinking that very soon I'd be putting them on a real baby.

I agree on the lack of sleep thing too. That part always gets me, cause I'm one of those who needs her sleep and lots of it. Cosleeping and napping with the baby during the day are the only things that save me early on.
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I'm at 39 weeks now (yikes!) and still having a hard time beleiving we're going to have another baby. It sort of hits me in stages -- like when I washed the newborn diapers, when I sorted through and washed baby clothes, and then again when we set up ds' big boy bed. But I don't think it will really sink in until the baby is here. Its just too strange to imagine going through all that baby stuff again. I'm just praying this baby is less high needs than ds.
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I think I'm probably in denial too. I'm 37 weeks wednesday and I focus on one thing, then another - like painting a room for the baby, assembling the co-sleeper, getting birth supplies together, but it's all disconnected. Somehow I fail to connect these things with actually *having* a baby in the house (and of course I've delayed quite a bit in even begining to do these things.) It's even easier to visualize the birth part than the actual baby part. Probably because if I think too much about it, and the unknown of how the new person is going to impact our family, I might start to panic, lol. Daughter is way ready for the baby to be here already but I keep saying he can just stay put a while, regardless of how miserable I am. It's easier to deal with the known misery than be busy hurrying along the unknown for me, it would seem. All I can do is remind myself that I felt this same way the first time and when I laid eyes on dd it all managed to fall into place. There's no reason to think that it won't work that way again, lol.
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Me too! Sometimes I look down at my belly and am surprised to see it so big! I can't believe I actually have moments where I "forget" I am pregnant! LOL I think now that Christmas is over and my decorations are all put away, I can focus on just me and the baby. Then it will really sink in.

I certainly hope so, anyway. :
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It is just now sinking in for me. I haven't gotten a single thing together yet but today I talked to my sis and she is sending my car seat and tons of newborn baby stuff I left with her! I am finally feeling like this is real and getting excited. I lost some of my mucous plug last night so it is really starting to feel like I may actually be holding a baby soon! I was on the phone with a friend today from back home and she has a 13 week old son. Hearing him fuss a little really made me want to hold this little one soon! I can't believe I am going to have a baby!
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I am totally there with all of you.

It's like when I had my son, and I spent ages looking at him in wonder; he was his own person! He wasn't me, or my DH or even both of us. He was an individual, and I think that's the weird part of thinking I'll have another soon. I just don't know who this little person will be, or how he or she will fit into our family.

I am starting to get really excited, though. We're moving on Sunday, and all the stress of that is almost over. Soon, I'll be in my new place, all unpacked, and then I think it'll really hit me.
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Yep, in denial here too. My friends keep asking me if I'm going to have a blessingway and I keep putting it off because of my denial. I only have a few more weeks and baby will be here. I just can't believe it!
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I'm not so much in denial as I am a little worried about how my two year old will react. I find that each time I have a baby they slide right into the family quite well and within a few days it's like they were always there. I have the diapers and newborn outfits set to go as well as my birth supplies.

I'm very much in denial about labor and delivery, though.
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I'm 37 ½ weeks pregnant, and it wasn't until a few days ago that I allowed my mind to go there. I tried imagining the weight in my arms of the rounded baby back and butt, the little bird mouth searching out my nipple... still, it doesn't seem real. The other day, I was at a friend's house, and I looked down, and saw my bulging belly, and I just started laughing at it. It's so comical. When I got up to go into the other room, my stomach knocked into things and I laughed.

I'm pretty much set for when the baby arrives. I want to stock up on a few more things, but it's not anything big. I have 2 people set to attend the birth. I have friends who are eager to visit me after I have the baby and help out.

There's so many unknowns for me here, though. Will she be sick? Will the father be involved? How sick will I become? How will I financially cut it as a single mom? Will I finally be able to nurse exclusively?

Then there's the exciting parts... who will she look like? What will her personality be like?

It still seems so unreal, and I'm afraid that will cause me to stall labor.
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Originally Posted by lanielayne View Post
I lost some of my mucous plug last night so it is really starting to feel like I may actually be holding a baby soon!
OMG LANIE!!! How exciting!! I'm so jealous...LOL. I didn't see any plug at all with the first, and with the 2nd I saw a little bit of plug but there was no blood on it, and he was born just a few minutes later (b/c I found the plug as I was trying to check myself after laboring day and night)... anyway, I'm curious about what this "bloody show" is and hoping I get to see it this time!

re: denial.... I'm in denial that my baby will be baby-sized. I keep thinking it's going to be huge, like 3 month sized... I know that's kinda crazy! I saw a newborn diaper the other day in the store and could not believe that my sons had ever been that small, but of course they had (for about 2-3 weeks, LOL)
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I am tooootally the opposite on the denial thing. This little guy is all I think about. My wake up call came way back when I first heard his heartbeat, and suddenly I just "felt" him with me ever since then, even before the first wiggles. Maybe it's a "first" thing?
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I just want to keep this little one in until February!! I need that time to finish getting ready & organized and to cook!

I have less than 4 weeks until my due date...where has the time gone???
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
I just want to keep this little one in until February!! I need that time to finish getting ready & organized and to cook!

I have less than 4 weeks until my due date...where has the time gone???

Me too! As "done" as I am with being pregnant and uncomfortable, I am nowhere near ready for this little one to make his/her appearance! I have absolutely nothing done! And I am not even done with my daycare kids until the third week in Feb, I seriously need the money right now. I just started on liquid Floradix for my anemia last week and I'm starting to feel a bit more energetic today so I'm hoping that I can start to accomplish a bit of what I need to be ready. I have at least looked at and counted the diapers, but couldn't get the energy to wash and put them away yet. Blech I hate feeling this lazy but it's seriously all I can do just to stay awake!
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i go back and forth. this week i have been in a cleaning frenzy. we (well my friend painted, i watched from the other room) painted the "birth-room" and i have been stocking it with my birth kit, baby stuff, a big pile of tables and my birthing altar. i have been washing clothes and blankets and cleaning the rest of the house too.

but as far as the reality of another child. HA!! not even close yet!!
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Originally Posted by FireflyFan View Post
OMG LANIE!!! How exciting!! I'm so jealous...LOL.

Well I am not holding my breath. I hate the "will baby come early?" feelings I get towards the end when all along I try to prepare myself for being at least a week late! Pg sure plays games with your mind!
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