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if this is your 3rd + pregnancy...

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None of my midwifery textbooks say how high the uterus measures at this point except for 1st time moms. It's so frustrating to know what is normal for me as a 3rd timer!

My uterus (at 10 weeks) was measuring at an inch below my belly button. Did any of you have that happen? My DH says I'm having twins. I say I'm not because it's my 3rd time and things just stretch out faster. What do you think?
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I have no idea. I have an ob apointment tomorrow and they'll feel for mine. I'll ask my ob if no one has answered you if you want
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I really do not know but I am around 10 weeks and this is my 3rd and my uterus does seem to be higher then before. Although the size over all is the same.
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This is my third and my dh keeps saying " you are having twins". I am way bigger way faster this time around. Isn't it because my abdominal muscles are very"relaxed"?
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This is my third, I am 11 weeks, I am a plus-ish size mama to begin with, so I have a fair amount of real estate between my pubic bone and belly button, My uterus is about 1.5 inches below my belly button. I look about 5 months pregnant
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HEY Melissa!! How cool to see you on another expecting forum!!

I'm also on my 3rd pg... and I'm looking pretty big pretty fast too... But again, I thought this was just the way things went...faster with each pregnancy??
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well i went for my first appointment monday, and although the doc didn't tell me where my uterus measured, he did say he was pretty sure i was between 10 and 12 weeks. i went for an ultrasound today for size and date, and im 10wks 4days. to me, my uterus maybe feels a bit higher than that, but im not any bigger than during my last pregnancy.

btw- this is number 3.
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Well, my third pregnancy I had twins. And my uterus did feel higher and very different than my other pregnancies. I thought the same, well it's my third preg maybe everything stretches faster. But it was twins!
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I have always heard that a Uterus is like a balloon. Think of it like this. The first time you blow up a balloon it is hard to do and takes longer, but once you let the air out and then try to blow it up again it blows up faster and much easier.
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I am not really sure where my uterus is at this point. I am about 10.5 weeks and I know it is still pretty low....it is over my pubic bone from what I can tell, but not close to my belly button at all. I think it varies, though I know you do get bigger sooner earlier with each pregnancy.

My belly looks bigger though!!
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I finally got a good idea where my uterus is this morning while laying in bed. My bladder was so full it pushed my uterus up there and it was just under my belly button. So, I would say it is pretty normal for a third pregnancy. I read that in some book also, although can't remember the book right now.
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