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My mom is super into the natural healing stuff and gets postings from a Dr. Mercola (I hope I'm spelling this right!) and he apparently has an amazing formula recipe that uses raw goat milk. It's supposed to be the next best thing to breast milk. You might want to try googling him to see. Hopefully you won't need it! Your story is inspirational. It sure is hard when things don't go the way we want them to with our births and all, but you are amazing for not giving up. I'm sending positive vibes your way!
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I am very sorry that your birth experience was so difficult. If you have a free moment (yeah, right) you might want to check out the birth & beyond forum here. I found it helpful after my less-than-ideal delivery of dd.

You are amazing, though, to persevere. : You have turned everything around so things are now going the way you'd like.
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Doublelove you ROCK!!!
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Freezing homemade raw goat's milk based fromula?

I posted this in 'breastfeeding challenges' and thought I'd post here too:

I just checked out the recipe for a raw goat's milk based formula (refered to in PP) but it looks like it makes about 4 1/2 cups worth. Does anyone know if it can be made and then frozen in small quantities to supplement with on occasion, or does freezing it destroy it? We can freeze our own milk and its still okay, so does the same apply?
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I just looked at Dr Mercola's website and there is a contact form... it might work to put that question on the form and maybe they'll get back to you, especially if they know your situation?


I'm really curious about this recipe so if you use it, give an update on what you think!
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rock on...

Originally Posted by SlingWearin'Mama View Post
Doublelove you ROCK!!!
I know that my aunt tried bfing on 1 breast... I will seek some answers & pm u...
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Originally Posted by Ilovelife View Post
I just read through this thread and you ladies are making me feel all warm inside.
: I just read this thread (saw it in new posts) and I have to say you are amazing! :
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