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I was up as soon as the placenta was delivered and my tear was stiched up.
HOspital birth here.
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I walked with help to the bed within an hour of giving birth with both homebirthed children. I walked on my own after that, but I had to do it slowly and it wasn't very comfortable. I walked comfortably 3 days later, but took it easy for a couple weeks. I had some slight perineal tearing with both kids.
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I had a homebirth but also hemmoraged horribly. I was on complete bedrest, not even able to get up to pee for 24 hours. My midwife came by the next evening and said I could get up to take a short shower that was 24 hours later. . . um no I couldn't, I couldn't stand up for more than 2 minutes without getting really really dizzy and tired.

HOWEVER, all that was from blood loss and not due to pain. I was a little sore but I don't think it would have kept me from walking around. If I don't hemmorage on my next birth I assume I'll be walking around within an hour if I want.
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Well we went home from the birth center after about 3 hours. I had a bad tear and stitches so I couldn't sit for awhile, pretty much all I did was lie down or stand up for a few weeks. I had a long recovery, DB had to help me a lot.
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With my 3rd birth, a homebirth with no tearing, I was up and walking about within the first hour after giving birth.
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with my hospital birth, i remember walking around in the evening, she was born at 2 pm.

my home birth, i had to get up and out of the tub for placenta delivery, then walked to the bedroom. about 2.5 hours after birth went downstairs and had supper.
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With dd in hospital natural vaginal birth. I was up within the hour. I walked to the bathroom with 2 nurses 1 in back 1 in front holding up the chux pad to keep the blood off the floor, sat on the toilet to get cleaned up.

With ds in birth center natural vaginal birth. I was up within the first hour as well. This time tho with 1 nurse me and her holding the chux and I had to clean myself up again on the toilet I was home with him 6 hours later. Hour drive back to the house with a stop for gas on the way not the funniest ride of my life but OMG it was so good to be home.

Both times I was moving around like normal by the next day just had to be careful how hard I sat down
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Second birth (UC) -- immediately. Well, immediately I was doing some light resus, then got back in (walked to) the hot tub to try to comfort him, then got out of the hot tub and tried to nurse him on the air mattress, then walked through the house to the bathroom to birth the placenta, then took a short mostly splash off bath, then got in bed for a little while to chill. I also wasn't swollen or anything like that.
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With all 3 I took a shower/herbal bath maybe 5-10 min after placenta was delivered.
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DD#1: c-section. After recovery, I was given a room and shortly thereafter they said I needed to walk to speed my recovery. I thought "No way!" but gave it a try. Man it hurt. I was slow and all bent over for several days. A lot better by the next week

DD#2: hospital VBAC and I tried to get out of bed right afterwards but felt faint so laid back down. They brought me to my room in a wheelchair. Shortly thereafter I needed to pee really bad and braced myself for the pain of getting out of bed and going over to the toilet. There was no pain! It was so much easier to get out of bed, walk, pee, I was practically high from the joy!
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Hospital c/s.

I had to get up to see DD in NICU. I fibbed at about 4 hours knowing I could get myself to a wheelchair next to the bed. I was not really un-numb enough to walk. When the nurse came in she made me walk across the rather large room to the toilet, which was pointless as I had a cathedar in. So I shuffled across the room, nurse and DH holding me up. We did some hygiene, and she helped me scrub my hands. DH and her wheeled me to NICU, where they made me stand and scrub again. DH and the nurse had to help hold me up, and they basically washed my hands. Even the RN telling them she had just scrubbed my hands would not get them to bend.

The next day, I felt great. I was walking all over and was only pushing a wheelchair to make DH feel better. I even got myself up out of bed that am. I drove with no problems one week later.
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Mine was an unmedicated/no IV in a freestanding birth center. I was up about 2 hours afterwards to try to pee. Nothing happened, but I was able to get up on my own at 4 hours and take a shower and pee no problem. I was very lightheaded then. Later that night (we had to stay 12 hours because of my GBS status), I couldn't sleep, so I got up and went to watch TV in the living room. It was a few days before walking and getting up were done with relative ease. We went to dinner at 6dpp and walked to the park at 7dpp (I think - maybe it was a few days later).
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Within 30 minutes.

Hospital birth with pitocin and epi (sad sad sad - basically tied to bed, dreadful).

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W/DD, I got up to walk to the bathroom after delivering the placenta & being stitched. I lost a LOT of blood and felt like hell. Hospital vaginal birth w/epidural.

W/DS, I had a c/s after labor & pushing w/no pain meds. I was up once the catheter was out, maybe 18 hours later. That was 8 days ago. I am still quite sore, especially at night.
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I got up to go pee as soon as the stitches were done. I had a small tear. I guess it must have been about 20 minutes after the birth. Later that night I went down the hall to the kitchenette to pour myself a glass of orange juice. My nurse was surprized that I didn't call her to have her go get it for me. I told her it felt good to be up and walking around.
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Just for comparison to the nice natural birth stories, I don't think I could walk unassisted for three days after my c-section.
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I had dd#2 in the birthing tub at a birth center. After she was born, I nursed her for 20min while the cord stopped pulsing. Then the cord was cut and I walked to the bedroom and delivered the placenta there about an hour later.
So I was up and walking (with the cord still hanging out of me!) within a half hour
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Unmedicated hospital birth---just over an hour as I nursed and was stitched during this time.
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Within an hour. With 1 and 2 the nurses wouldn't let me get up for awhile; I think I would have been able to walk right after the placenta was out. I had no stitches, minimal blood loss, I wanted to walk to my room by myself but was wheeled anyways.

With #3 I was bleeding quite heavily for awhile but walked to the bathroom an hour or so after her birth for a shower and pee.
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I had a hospital birth with epidural. Once the epi wore off I got up and walked to the bathroom. I guess about 1-2 hours after delivery. I was amazed, I thought when the epi wore off I would be in a lot of pain (I also had a 2nd degree tear/episiotomy) but I wasn't.
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