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I had two hospital births......one with an epidural, and one natural. With the epidural it took me a long time to get up, and I had massive post-birth pain. With my natural birth (but still in a hospital), I was up probably an hour afterward and I felt great.
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hospital birth with a midwife - i was walking about half an hour after the birth, i think? i felt fantastic immediately after, and probably could have gotten right up, but was cudding in bed for a while.
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I had a hospital birth with my second, and was up and walking within 5 minutes, though just from toilet to bed because she was born on the toilet I don't recall it being to terribly painful, but I wouldn't say I "jumped up" or anything.
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Had a homebirth oct. 25th, 2006. Had baby in bathroom. Soon he came out walked into my bedroom for placenta deliver and sutures. Right after they sutured me (3rd degree tear) - took about 30 mins to suture(but that only because i hestitated a while before I let the midwife numb me - hate needles). I got right up and took a shower. The tear didn't feel bad, it was the sore butt, everytime I sit on my cushy couch for long time it took 5 mins to get up. But once I was up I felt good, and no pain done there.
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birthed in hospital, and was up after about half an hour. i wanted to walk around but the kept trying to get me to lay down and even bullied me into a wheelchair to go to my postpartum room down the hall.
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All 3 of mine were homebirths.
#1 - 3 days
#2 - 20 minutes
#3 - 10 minutes

It took me so long with #1 because my legs were so sore from squatting for over 2 hours pushing (3.5 hours pushing total).
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With my first birth, I had a pretty difficult time, but really did not "get it" so I was up and walking around within the hour. Took a shower and passed right out! Ops...forgot about all that blood loss. After that I was "watched" pretty closely by hospital staff and dh.

Second birth was very quick and no trauma. I was up to wash up within the hour. And then slept. DD was born at 12:41 AM and I had labored most of the day prior...so we were all tired!
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I had an unmedicated hospital birth w/ a small episiotomy. I was walking less than an hour after birth.
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My first I had a double episiotomy and an epi... it took me around 5 or 6 hours before I had to pee so bad that I HAD to get out of bed. (Hospital birth.) The second time was a birthing center birth with a midwife, I pushed Isaac out- latched him on, and as soon as he was done nursing I got up and went to the bathroom and got into the shower. My placenta passed while I was nursing. So.. probably within 20 minutes.
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W/in an hour with all 3 HB's. It was waiting for the placenta and then BF'ing baby...and then it was toilet and bath for me...
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