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Kissing your child on the lips.

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Okay, my fiancee and I are having a bit of an argument (or rather a very heated discussion) about parents who kiss their children on the lips. So I told him I would post here about it and we'd see what kind of results we get.

`So how many of you kiss your children on the lips?
`For those of you who do, when did you start and would you ever feel that they were too old for this and stop?
`For those who don't, any real reason why not?

Thanks in advance for your responses!!
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I guess I never really thought about it but I stopped kissing DS1 at some point in the last few years. He's 7 years old. DS2 is 3 and DS3 is 1 and I don't see anything wrong with kissing them. I think I mostly stopped kissing DS1 because he objected in front of his friends and I didn't want to embarass him.
I know full grown adults that kiss their parents though. I think it's a personal decision, like many parenting choices, and it can really depend on how you were raised, your culture, etc.
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I do... I never really thought about it though. dd is almost 8 and every morning before she gets on the bus she insists for a kiss on the lips I suppose we'll stop whenever she feels uncomfortable with it.
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I kiss my kids just about everywhere. Ds is 6, so I've stopped "biting" his booty, but still do it to the baby. I never really thought about not kissing them on the lips. Ds gets annoyed if I don't give him a kiss on the lips at bedtime, he'll call me back.
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I kiss dd on the lips, she's 2.5 and loves it.... but dh kissed his parents on the lips at least through high school

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Dh & I both kiss our kids on the lips-We have done this from the day they were born.

I am 26 and STILL kiss my mom on the lips
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My parents always kissed us on the cheek, still do i don't ever remember lip kissing my parents!, but we lip kiss our children and i don't know if i will ever not, unless they want to pe kissed differnt.

honestly i thought it was cold of my mom to turn her check on me to kiss it! i remember feeling weird..

i think either way is fine.
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I'm not big on lip kissing, but my 11.5 is. He has always done it. My other three offer me their heads to kiss. They don't even like the cheek kiss.
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I kiss my kids on the lips. My oldest is fourteen and still gives me a kiss whenever we part, even in front of her friends. It's sweet.
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We are a lip kisser family, always have been and probably always will be. I come from a long line of lip kisser; my grandma, my mom, all her siblings, my dad, etc...
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i kiss my daughter on the lips, but my older boys i give them the cheek to kiss.
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I dont kiss my kids on the lips. Dh does on occasion but for me it just dosnt work. I kiss cheeks, foreheads etc. The germ factor is a big one for me. I dont think there is a thing wrong with it for others but for me it isnt something I am comfortable doing.

It steams from the way I was raised I guess my mom or dad never hugged or kissed us except on special occasions and then it just felt akward. I do hug and kiss both kids just not on the mouth.
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I have always kissed my kids on the lips.
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Okay then I'm not as weird as my fiancee thinks! He thinks it's really odd for a parent to kiss their child on the lips. The reason I started was because I read that babies have the most sensory receptors in their lips and fingers so I started kissing his hands and his lips - plus I know plenty of people who do it. I'm going to show him this later so he'll realize I'm not alone
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We kiss DS on the lips (he's almost 5). That's how both my parents always kissed me. lol, threw DH for a loop the first time he saw me kiss my mom, but he adjusted quicklike. My parents are both gone now, but that's how I still kiss my grandma. So I don't see anything wrong with it so long as both parties are comfortable.
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I always kiss DD1 (4) on the lips, DH won't, he says it's weird.
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I still kiss my parents and grandparents on the lips, so of course I kiss my kids on the lips!
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I kiss both of my boys on the lips... as well as my mom!
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I kiss her on her lips and her cheeks and her head and her forehead and her belly and her hands, she loves kisses.
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Lip kissers here, too. Ds is nearly 5 now, and I suppose when he 24 I won't be kissing his lips anymore, but who knows. FIL and MIL still kiss dh on the lips. He tries to do the head turn at the last moment so they get his cheek, though Oddly enough, it's all I can do to get them to hug me, but that's another thread!
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