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Let's talk about diapering systems

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I'm really curious about everyone's different diapering systems. What works? What doesn't? Do you use prefolds, fitteds, pockets, or AIOs? Or a combination of those? What covers do you use? How many diapers and covers are in your rotation? Do you use different systems for night and day, or for going out vs. staying home? If you modify your system for different occasions how many of each type do you have?

My first baby is due on the 25th and I plan to use mostly prefolds with wrap PUL covers (prowraps, bummis, cot'n wrap, litewrap), or snappied prefolds with a pull on soaker (aristocrats, babyology, and a couple homemade recycled wool), I also have a wool stacinator, a wool biobottoms, and 6 size 0 kissaluvs fitted and 6 size 1 kissaluvs fitted. I'm just trying to get an idea of what other people use, when they use it, and how many they have. I appreciate any input as I am totally new to the whole CD thing.
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We started CD'ing when our first son was about a month old.

We started with prefolds and covers. From there I tried fitteds, pockets, AIO's, eventually wool......

So what system do I use? A little of everything. The variety keeps it fun.

But, one thing we have it narrowed down to is natural fibers and almost all wool covers. I use prefolds, flats, contours, and fitteds under a variety of wool covers. We have PUL for backup, if need be. We also have a few AIO's for the diaper bag or if someone is going to be watching the kids (this is very rare, though).

My recommendation for a newbie is to get a few dozen prefolds and some covers. Then, as the mood strikes you, try "one of these and one of those". That's the best part.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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For home, we use fitteds and fleece covers, I have 3 covers and 9 fitteds, maybe more-I'm almost embarassed to check! For naps, nighttime and for going out-we use pul pockets. I use the microfiber towels they come with and stick an indian prefold in for naps/nightime. I think I have almost 20 of those! My son is 16 months old and has been in cloth for over a year, I think I had way more dipes when he was smaller, sold them though!
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I went from pockets to fitteds and now I love pinned prefolds.
They are so much easier to care for and I won't cry if I ruin one. I can cover them with cute pul covers or wool. I love the way a soft pf wraps around my baby.
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My system is similar to pp. I use my bulky, yet extremely efficient diapers at home like prefolds and fitteds under bummis and proraps. When we go out, I use fb or swaddlebees pockets or aio since they are so trim.
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My recommendation for a newbie is to get a few dozen prefolds and some covers. Then, as the mood strikes you, try "one of these and one of those". That's the best part. QUOTE]

I agree - start simple and easy then try every thing your little heart desires! The variety truly makes it fun. I've tried it all, then bought a stash of pockets, gave stuff away, and just yesterday bought some prefolds again...I miss the flexiblity and fun of prefolds...but I couldn't live without my pockets either!
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I bought 4 doz pfs, a dozen assorted pul covers and then a bit of this and that for the girls. Then you know what you like, what works, what drives you nuts, etc.

I will say that pfs, fitteds and wool are awesome and I use them more than pockets, but dh is a pocket or aio user through-and-through.
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I started out with 2 dozen Motherease fitteds and 4 of their airflow covers, when ds was around 2 months. Although I like ME's, I wish I had done more research first. I didn't know anything about CD's and bought my dipes because someone told me they were the best. I then got a bunch of cpf's and snappied them under a bummis wrap. Then I tried some pockets. Now I love my flats and wool wrap covers. I have way more dipes than I need:ME's, indiap prefold's, 6 pockets. I have 3 Starbunz, which are adorable but too bulky to wear under clothes. DS gets rashes easily so I just bought a bunch of tie dipes made of hemp and raw silk. I don't really care for them so now I want to sell them and get some Bumgenius. I've given away a bunch of stuff, too. CD'ing is lots of fun, but can get quite expensive if you are into it : I bought lots of dipes because we didn't have a washer for a long time and I wanted to stretch out my trips to the laundromat.
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We've found diffrent systems for diffrent ages
birth till around 6 months prefolds pinned or sized fitted and covers were our favorite for fit and good poo coverage

6months -about 2.5 years it was all about convience lved the concept of pockets but couldn't do the material AIO's rocked and our one size fitted ruled

2.5-3.5 simplicity still helped but shes got more coperative so trifolded prefolds and one size fitted with soe AIOs were a ice combo

3.5-now as were trying to teach her a little independance assorbant pull up down AIO's with side snaps are the best. still like my one size as well.
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We use elimination communication so no nappies except at certain times like at night and in the car as back up. When we do use nappies we use fitted cloth - more expensive but to me worth the investment over terry flats. We also use one packet of disposibles when they are newborns and I used another packet when we moved house and I was too distracted by packing/unpacking to pick up on bub's elimination cues and bub was so distracted she stopped telling me when she had to go. I love ECing the best but don't mind washing nappies either.

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I've been cloth diapering for almost 5 years, and the stash has changed more times than I'm willing to admit, but here's what we are doing now:

2 month old is in infant prefolds most of the time. He JUST outgrew the small Bummis SWW and has moved to mediums. Also uses WonderWraps and Wiggle Worm Bottoms covers. At night he wears a fitted diaper with an Aristocrats wool soaker.

2-year-old is in Haute Pockets most of the time now. We also have some AIO's which I made. I'm waiting for an order of more Haute Pockets; once those come in he'll be able to use those full-time if I want. Or maybe we'll split them between the 2 of them. At night 2-year-old wears a disposable diaper. I've tried putting him in cloth several times for nighttime but he just won't sleep well. With a disposable he sleeps great.

I have also ordered quite a bit of PUL to make more pockets and AIO's for both boys. Especially for the 2-month-old, who will be outgrowing the infant prefolds soon (at least to snappi) but premiums are still huge. Plus with 2 in diapers I want the convenience of quick changes!

In the closet I have the premium prefolds and a dozen Cuddlebuns onesize fitteds. Over the years I've learned that I usually regret selling a lot of stuff. So, I'm keeping a small stash of prefolds and fitteds in a box in case I decide to switch things up again!
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i've tried everything as well. what i finally settled on is prefolds and flats w/ knitted wool for covers.

but for the first few newborn months, i like fitteds.
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we've been using cloth for over 5 yrs now. and we've used just about everything out there, minus flats.

right now, we use a small amount of fitteds, some prefolds and prefitteds, AIOS, and a couple of pockets for covers we use either knitted wool, or sewn wool. in the winters i really like wool pants, but during the summers i like wool covers like soakers or side snapping sewn covers.

i've been making my 21 mo dd skorts for this upcoming summer. a skirt with a soaker knit into it. i can't wait to use them
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Cding for 2 sons, 2.8 YO and 6 MO. The first was a big learning curve, but used prefold with bummis and fuzzi bunz at night. This was a great system. Funk got into the diapers after storing and had to start all over.

Then we did kissaluvs 0 and bummis for the nb and this worked great. still peed through dipes, but he's a pee-er. i thought it was a big investment for fust a month or so, but then i turned around and sold them and could go on to phase 2. I tried my local ladies cd she makes, well she manufactures (in china )and really got a few of them. I got some pul covers one size, I like bummis better and some of her one size pockets, I like fuzzi bunz better. I also got some swaddlebees aio with pockets they don't soak worth diddly for us, but i still love them because they are trim and available for dh and outings. my new love in wool longies which i love and i want to try wool soakers, but haven't made the plunge, they are spendy. I want to try to knit some, but i've got to learn to knit first. So my final answers

*nb kissaluvs and bummis
*then prefolds, or fitteds and wool ('cause i know once i try it i'll love it)
*and for pul and pockets, the first system worked the best for me. prefolds, bummis, and fuzzi bunz pockets. i wish i still had mine.
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I'm a new mama and due in February. I'm doing what a lot of the PPs said: A little bit of everything.

Since we won't know the build of our baby until they arrive I've gotten CPFs, PUL covers, fitteds, some pockets, and wool. I'm going to have fun figuring out what works best and then stalk the TP stocking up for the next size.

Good luck CDing!
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Kissaluvs 0 and newborn BSWW the first month, and regular 4x6x4 Chinese prefolds with Bummis, Mother-Ease, or homemade wool covers since then.
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I'm kind of thinking I'd like to get more fitteds, but they do seem so expensive compared to the prefolds. I'm not sure the 6 kissaluvs we have will be enough to actually make them useful. Should we reserve them for nighttime, or for going out of the house, or when Grandma is watching the baby? Or do you think it's worth getting more?
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Oh also do you think it's a good idea to have at least some AIOs on hand I don't have any of those?
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kissaluvs size 0 and BSWW until she was two months, and now we use those and BumGenius one-size pockets (I love them). she's five months and still fits in the size 0 kissaluvs, but we only use them at home b/c they need to be changed right after a pee.

we're also doing a bit of EC - between dipes. she seems to be diggin' peeing and pooping in the toilet, but i have hard time reading her cues for pees just yet and i had too many accidents when we were diaper free.

a friend of mine only had the BumGenius one-size dipes (started cloth at four months with her DD) and loves them. it is the only way she would try cloth, she said. she only has 12 diapers total - i don't know how she manages with that few. would never work on a nb.
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