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Appointment today - PIH :(

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I'm feelin a little down today... so far my pregnancy has been going PERFECT! Everything as it should, I've been feeling great, happy, and just generally feeling like I have this perfect, designed-to-bear-children body and just loving this pregnancy.

At my appointment today, it started out with glucose in my urine.. BUT that could be just a fluke anyways, since for one all I'd had so far was grape juice and a bowl of cereal, and I was having issues hitting every square on the stick (lol) and the glucose square had a little stripe in it. There was also leukocytes? Or.. it could have been something else, that possibly indicated UTI, but there wasn't another thing that also indicated it (i'm thinking white blood cells but I forget if those little stick thingies even measure those)

then my BP its never been higher than like, 118/76 and likes to hang around the 110/70 range, and the first check was 130-something/90-something EEK! She checked again before she left and the bottom number at least went down to 80-something. I'm just thanking my lucky stars there wasn't protein in my urine to go with it. I'll take PIH over pre-e any day.

So I'm supposed to take 500 mg a day of calcium/magnesium supplement, get more protein, and she recommended fresh raw garlic too. I'm going to go to the HFS later tonight and get the supplement, but does anyone have any good quality brand I should look for? I know next to nothing about PIH.. and I'm beyond terrified of risking out of home birth, our hospitals suck. Is PIH something that could risk someone out of HB? gah.. I'm paranoid now :
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OK - I've reread your post a couple times but my pregnancy brain is drawing a blank as to what PIH is. Do you have or have you read Aviva Jill Romm's natural pregnancy book? I highly recommend it and she would probably have some herbal and tincture recommendations for you. I'm on a million tinctures and homeopathics and herbs right now but it really helped last time. Good luck to you!
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Protein intake will help tremendously with PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)... Depending on how high it is will decide whether or not you are high risk or low risk.

My pee on a stick test showed leukocytes & trace blood today (no protein though) & we are sending it in for a culture. Ugh! I have already had one UTI this pregnancy & don't want another

Keep us updated when you can!!
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I had PIH with my son, and do not have it at all now!! Hopefully the diet changes will help yours... my blood pressure was around 150/100 when I started meds and my pulse was about 135 for no reason and it didn't go down with rest. That was at 31 weeks, and I had to start on meds and see a cardiologist to make sure there was nothing else going on with my heart.

I don't know about PIH and home birth, but, one interesting thing that happened when I was in labor was that my BP was totally normal without meds. I was incuded though, and it was miserable and a whole 'nother story. I hope the diet changes help lower your BP and that you can still have the birth you want!! My pregnancy with my son was going great too, until my BP shot up... so I can understand your concern!

PS - Leukocytes are TOTALLY normal in the urine in late pregnancy!
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130/90 is perfectly normal for late pregnancy. your BP rises as your blood volume increases. you have to push all your blood through a placenta AND a 6 pound baby. mine was 120/90 today at the chiros and she agreed with that at 36 weeks this is normal.

and one high reading does not equal PIH. that's the silliest thing i ever heard.

if you are having issues with your provider, take hawthorn and skullcap and magnesium. (mine came down more than 10 points with this) i also did deep breathing and energy tapping before my appt. and watch your sodium intake... not natural sea salt added to foods you have cooked, but sodium in prepared foods.

i would take magnesium seperate from calcium, since calcium interferes with the absorbtion of magnesium. i like country life minerals, but solgar is good too. i would also look for herb pharm herbs and take some herbs.

and let go of being paranoid, since that's the worst thing i can think of for high blood pressure. i think your provider scared you for nothing. mine told me, "it's boarderline, we'll keep an eye on it." not too concerned.

i think you'll be fine.
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calcium hinders magnesium absorption? My MW wanted me to take them together because she said calcium assists absorption.. My paranoia was brought on by myself, not my MW. I guess because high BP is uncharted water for me.. I know NOTHING about it..nothing! But yeah, my MW didn't do anything to scare me really.. it was more of a "thats a little high, we'll keep an eye on that, make sure you get lots of protein, and take this supplement"
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magnesium increases the absorbtion of calcium. not the other way around.

however, calcium is good for late pregnancy, so it's good to take both, just don't take them together. choose minerals that are "chelated" to insure the best bioavailablity. it will say on the bottle "chelated magnesium."

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My b/p is usually fairly low too, and at my visit a week ago it was 126/76, then this week 130/84 (normal for me is 110/70 or less). I asked m/w if I should be concerned and she said no that it was well within normal limits. I am upping my protein again though (I've been slacking).
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My BP has been looking alright, but it was up to 127/80 yesterday when I took it, and my normal bp is in the realm of 115/65 so I took some notice. It's been creeping. I *have* been slacking too on the protein for a few weeks now. Went out and got magnesium and calcium supplements today, figure I may as well try them. Wasn't aware of that absorption issue though, so thanks for the tip - I'll try taking them at different times of the day.
How does protein affect your BP anyhow? And does anyone have any more dietary advice on keeping BP down?
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