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Aborted fetal tissue in vaxes?

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Please help - I need to get info ASAP to give my commander so I can try and get into the base daycare. I oppose vaccination both religiously and philosophically. The religious componant is the use of aborted fetal tissue to culture vaccines. I need sources to show my commander tomorrow such as CDC or AAP statements, package inserts, whatever.

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Understand though that only a few vaccines used human diploid cells as a component. (MMR and varicella) So you may wind up with an issue regarding your exemption and other vaccines.
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Actually, there's more than "a few".

Current list, updated 08/31/06
Vaxes containing aborted fetal cell lines, their Rx names, and their manufacturers

****UPDATED August 31, 2006****

Varivax (CP) - Merck & Co.
Vaqta (Hep A) - Merck & Co.
Havrix (Hep A) - GSK
Twinrix (Hep A & B) - GSK
MMR II - Merck & Co.
MR VAX (measles, rubella) - Merck & Co.
Biavax II (mumps, rubella) - Merck & Co.
Meruvax II (Rubella) - Merck & Co.
ProQuad (MMR + chickenpox) - Merck & Co.
Poliovax - Sanofi Pasteur
Imovax (Rabies) - Sanofi Pasteur
Enbrel (rheumatoid/OsteoArthritis) - Immunex
Xigris (Sepsis) - Eli Lilly
Zostavax (Shingles) - Merck & Co.
Acambis 1000 (Smallpox) - Acambis
New, as-yet-unnamed vaxes being developed for Ebola (mfrd by Crucell/NIH), HIV (Merck), Flu (MedImmune Vaxin), and Avian Flu (Sanofi)

Full (printable) chart & more info at:
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Originally Posted by spero View Post
Enbrel (rheumatoid/OsteoArthritis) - Immunex
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Why not include everything in your religious argument - vaccines are not holy, rightous, clean, etc.

This may prove to be more helpful along with the vaccine component package information.

You're going to be up really late doing this. I wish you the best.
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Can't you just file a religious exemption? I would not do both. Religious and discuss the ingredients etc.

Simply stating that vaccinating is against your religion should be enough.

He is not allowed to ask you 'what religion?' You can refuse to answer. Tell him that is your basic freedom and you don't want to answer.
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According to my commander, the JAG (legal) people may ask what my specific religious objections are, though they aren't allowed to argue with them or refute them. He says this is to weed out the people who don't have a true religious objection. We will not be discussing any ingredients other than the fetal tissue.
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Originally Posted by minkajane View Post
We will not be discussing any ingredients other than the fetal tissue.
As a PP has stated, that won't get you out of all vaccines.
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If they press us further, I'll probably say something to the effect of it being wrong to inject foreign substances into the body without clear medical necessity because we believe in keeping the body pure and holy, which is actually a true statement. Do you think they'll be satisfied with that?
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LI is (IMO ) the resident "language expert" here. I'd PM her, and ask her opinion.
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In the US our "freedom of religion" is very powerful. I understand this is military, which has differing regulations from the "normal" institutions, but nevertheless I would intentionally be vague.

I played the "religion" card in Maryland because I was only personally opposed to varicella. I had a doctor's exemption but my child's school liaison told me that they would bug me every year for that but if I said "religious exemption" they could not ask me any questions at all.

I thought about it because hypocrisy offends me and honesty is important and I realized that the fact that I am a practicing Catholic (albeit pro-choice personally) allowed me to sign a religious exemption and feel ethically OK about it.

Long story short, even in the military, just be vague if you want no vaccinations. Don't state exactly WHY you religiously oppose (i.e. not the aborted fetal tissue), but stick to generalities as mentioned earlier.

AND, if you are less stuck on ethics than me (which is okay, to each their own moral decisions is my thought) you could always say you are a Christian Scientist. I'm no expert but I think they have constitutionally cleared the way to refuse anything short of intervention to save the life of your minor child due to religious beliefs.
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