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Who's UCing?

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I know there are others out there besides me!
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what's "UCing"?
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Unassisted childbirth
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I'm considering it. We can't afford a midwife, but I am really hoping that something will happen so that we can. I am terrified of giving birth in a hospital, but I have a history of pre-e so I would prefer a little assistance to make sure my bp isn't getting too high.

If we don't have a midwife, though, I will seriously consider UC. DH will totally flip out, but I guess I'll just hope the baby comes when he's not home. I'm sure he'd call 911, otherwise. Ugh. Tough situation. I wish DH would be more supportive of it.
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Our first was a planned UC turned transfer so DH is nervous as well. He tried telling his mom today he was going to force a midwife on me.

I hope something works out for you!
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I will be UCing my 4th baby in July and my last baby was born unassisted at home (underwater lotus birth) with just my partner and my sister there but they left me mostly alone until the final 5 minutes when I wanted their support.

When I birth I only want people there who love me and who I love and who are there because they want to be and I want them there - I don't want a midwife bringing her professional baggage and I don't want anybody there who is only present because they are at work YK?

This time we will be inviting my sister again so that she can be a buddy to my 6yo adn 3yo daughters - get them food and activities etc. My 16yo son is welcome to be there too if he wants to but he's not sure what his plans will be this far ahead.

With our last UC both kids were home and we expected that they would watch the birth but my son was sound sleep and couldn't be woken up (had a late night the night before) and my daughter went for a play with her cousins and BIL's car broke down so she missed the main event by 20 mins while they were waiting for the mechanic.

This time my girls say they want to be in the pool with me.

I'm looking forward to it.
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I secretly hope to UC. I'm hiring a midwife (I'm not especially interested in UP or in providing all my own post-partum/neonatal care) but I kind of hope she shows up about 3 minutes after I give birth.
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DH and I are planning a ubac... hopefully we have a home to do it in!!
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definitely planning on UC: first birth + twins = extra special care surrounding birth environment.

I don't trust that a midwife (were I to find one who would "let" me birth at home) will give me exactly what I want and need, and I fully believe that the presence of someone in-house who is "at work", as lotusmamma put it, is going to do nothing but adversely affect my state of mind. I will not be able to fully let my guard down, "because what if she checks on me? what if she won't stay in the other room? what if my partners start relying on her instead of paying attention to me? what if..." I don't need that at all. I need an environment where I don't have to feel defensive, where I can allow myself to be completely vulnerable, so that things can happen as they need to, as unimpeded as possible.
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Count me in!
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I'm thinking of UC...really hoping for it, actually. So far, I'm just really content with the pregnancy, DP is totally supportive of UC, and it just seems right. We've had a lot of homebirth in our family, and my aunt had an accidental UC.

I may consult a midwife, or may not later in the pregnancy
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I think we are going to hire a midwife, but it depends on my mood when I go into labor whether or not we will call her.
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Originally Posted by QueenOfThePride View Post
I think we are going to hire a midwife, but it depends on my mood when I go into labor whether or not we will call her.
This is kind of my thought. I am postive I can birth alone. I loved having my mw the last two births, but she moved away, and I am not sure about the other mws here. I guess time will tell. I will be doign the rsearch, as I tend to go quick once I call the mw anyway.

WHat is the suggested reading for a uc?
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I am seeing an ob, but I plan on staying home in labor "too long" If DH knew this he would flip out. I really hope the babe is born while he is at work, or sleeping. My labors have been 6, and 7 hours, and I usually labor along quietly for quite a while. We'll see!:
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I'm possibly going to have a "whoops, that was fast." Depends on what the midwives round here are like.
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UPing and UCing here! I decided about 6 months before we conceived.
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i'm considering putting off calling the mw, so it ends up being a 'whoops'. my husband would not go for a uc. last time i labored fine on my own (with dh) the midwife arrived after transition. she was there for the pushing, but i feel like her presence did interfere with my focus. this may be due mostly to the fact she was a stranger -my mw's backup- and not the mw i had grown to know and like. whatever the reason, i wasn't as in tune with my body after that, which may be why it ended up taking 3 hours to push ds out. i'm much more confident about my ability to handle labor this time around -last time being my first it was all unknown.
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