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My little Kieran has Pneumonia! Thank goodness it is only one twin, and I caught it early. We won't be staying in the hospital for now, but if he isn't improving on the antibiotics, or is getting dehydrated, we may be headed there on Thursday. Please send healthy vibes to my little bean. The meds. are bad enough at home, but it will break my heart if he has to be admitted to hospital. Not to mention Owen and I will have to stay too.
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Responded on the other forum, but just wanted to say, we are really sorry you are going through this, as if this twins thing doesn't keep you busy enough... My best wishes are out there for your baby and hopes that this clears up fast! Do you have any help around?
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We are sending get better vibes your way mama.
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i'll be thinking of your family.
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Many healthy healing vibes to Kieran!!

My dd got bacterial Pneumonia when she was only 5 weeks olds. I caught it early as well thank goodness and she recoverd very quickly (I hated giving her abx though).
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I'm so sorry!! Just keep filling him with that bm!! Get better soon, little guy!!
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Originally Posted by jule924 View Post
I'm so sorry!! Just keep filling him with that bm!! Get better soon, little guy!!
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Poor mama

All three pf mine have had pneumonia at one time or another, but Jackson got it at 9 weeks old! He's doing a lot better after a large dose of a weaker antibiotic, though. It was a little unnerving.

Just remember that the lungs are fairly weak after pneumonia, so watch future colds carefully for the next few months. Jackson has the sniffles right now and mama's a little edgy
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so sorry for you and little Kieran--said a prayer for him that he will get better soon.

it's so hard to see your little one sick
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I hope he is already on the mend as I post this. Sending hugs and healthy vibes your way!
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Just wanted to let you know how Kieran is doing. He had a reaction to the abx, nothing serious, just a rash. We now have him on a new one that has a smaller dose, and he is back on the mend. Owen is not so hot and we will have him rechecked with his brother on MOnday. Oh yeah, the car broke down and I got sick too, so DH had to stay home from work thursday and Friday to help. I could not be here with my sick little guys and no car, just in case. He was a tremendous help. On my own again tomorrow, but it will be ok. Today my parents are taking all of the kids for 2 hours in honor of my birthday. I plan to relax and be childless for that short time and enjoy myself. Thanks for all of your well wishes, and my deepest sympathy to all the other mamas with sick kiddos.
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