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*~ Weekly Thread January 10 - 16 ~*

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Another week down, only 21-24 more to go (depending on when you're due). We're all coming up on the half way point! Is everyone starting to show now? I know my belly has really popped out in the past week or two. Strangers are starting to notice I'm pregnant, YAY!
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I've done a super pop too! lol

every now and then I catch a glimpse of my shadow or profile and i think

"awww how cute!"
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So I've heard people talking about popping out, but I never realized exactly how sudden it would be. This week, woah!! My large bathroom mirror is directly across from the shower so each time I get out I get a head on look and then a side view as I go for the towel. Is that really me? I'm loving this belly curve, but it's still startling. The women I work with have been having a blast now that I'm so visible. It's fun to be able to make that many people smile just by walking into a room.
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i feel i finally just popped this weekend. students at school are asking if i'm pregnant, and their responses are so enthusiastic and sweet. it is nice to make people smile by just being round! i'm 16 weeks today, so i'm glad to look a little pregnant. i can still camoflage it if needed, but i don't want to! i feel like i finally look pregnant instead of just chubby in the middle. whenever i gain weight it's in the middle, so that was irritating me a bit now i'm happily rounded! i have to take some pix quick as i hear the growth just comes in bursts...is that true?
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i've "popped" too. so much fun! i'm supposed to have an 18-week appt tomorrow, but it's snowing like crazy and we don't live in an area that usually gets snow, so i'm not sure if it will happen. other than some annoying contractions and lack of 2nd trimester energy burst, all is great. i'm feeling lots of kicks which is so much fun. and i can't believe how FAST this pg is going. i'm sure i'll be singing a different tune come may, but for now. wow, is it flying!!
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My belly is really starting to take a nice round shape, but the most exciting thing about this week for me is that my baby has really started moving. It is moving all the time. And not just movement - kicks! It is so fun to feel a little kick here and there.
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Isn't it great having a weekly thread that's mostly about how cute our bellies look and how good it feekls to be kicked as opposed to how sick we are and how much the thought of food disgusts us!?!?!?
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
Isn't it great having a weekly thread that's mostly about how cute our bellies look and how good it feekls to be kicked as opposed to how sick we are and how much the thought of food disgusts us!?!?!?
haha, I agree! (Although I still can't stand the sight of tomato sauce for some reason) I haven't really "popped" yet that I know of, but that baby is getting bigger. We can feel the kicks on the outside of my belly now, although it's hard to time those. Most of the time I am the only one that can catch them. I'm not complaining too much. I love having the feeling being mainly all for me at the moment. I am just enjoing it.
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Oh sleep, where have you gone? Why these nightly wakings and then you just disappear? I long to be able to curl up and go back to sleep and I don't like laying awake for hours!!!!!!!

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Crabby. Up peeing all night. Belly big. Voracious appetite. Feeling oogie.:
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I've popped! It's pretty obvious to everyone now but I haven't had any strangers say anything yet. People at church are so excited-they went for years without any babies in the church and now we will have 3 within a year! So far that is! Movement is still fluttery, but I am pretty sure I felt a kick last night right before I drifted off. I can't wait for DH to feel the baby. His birthday is in 3 weeks and I hope he gets to feel the baby kick before his b-day is over. My next appointment is Tuesday.
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Could it be possible that I am already nesting? I spent all evening last night doing chores which I NEVER do. I even emptied all my drawers and replaced my clothes with maternity clothes. EEK!!! :
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I had an appointment with WIC today and got the third degree on weight gain I guess according to their "charts" I haven't gained enough yet : The bad part is I even lied to them about my starting weight to make it look like I gained more than I did. I've really gained 2.5 lbs so far, but my belly has really popped out. I was really nauseaus for a long time and that is why I haven't gained much yet. I hate being compared to some dumb chart. My MW is not at all concerned, I'm eating healthy and frequently and that is all that matters. But WIC wants me to come back for a weight check in a month
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Jillian I totally understand the weight gain thing, I too have only gained 2.5 lbs, but that is how I was with the last pg too. All in all last time I only gained 23 lbs, but had an 8#2oz baby, so I truely believe my body knew what It was doing. Like you I eat a lot and goo d healthy, weight gaining food, trust your body,and just make sure your eating well, don't go by what a chart is "supposed to" say IMO

My belly has really popped too at 18.5 weeks, really round like a ball, I am feeling good, except for having trouble finding comfortable positions to sleep, better get used to it I guess.
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I'm starting to get comments along the lines of "are you pregnant?" so I guess it's official.

I've gained around 8 pounds so far but we don't have a very good scale. I'm curious to see what numbers come up at the doctor's office next week.

It's so neat to think we're just about half way! I'm still getting moments of "morning sickness" and still finding it difficult to eat many of the foods I know I should...last time I was feeling fine by the second trimester. This time though, I feel like I'm running behind. I need more sleep but with a job and a toddler I don't really have a lot of "me" time when I can take a long shower and go to bed early/sleep in late. DH does help a lot but he works more or less from 7am till 8pm and doesn't have a lot of energy left over either. And since I work Sun-Thur and he works Mon-Fri we only overlap as a two-parent-house for one day a week...meaning Sat is an insane day of errands and chores. Sigh. I'm sure once the babe arrives I'll look back on this and laugh at how much time I "had" but for now I just want a nap!
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I love how we are all popping around the same time. This is so much fun. My biggest change this week is that I'm now getting hungry all the time. I eat and then an hour or so later I'm hungry again!! I'm trying to eat healthy snacks though because, unlike some of you, I'm not having any problems gaining weight.
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well, i've only gained 5 pounds so far at this halfway point. i have big babies, so i, too, just feel like my body is just doing what it does! my mom didn't gain hardly anything either.

today i washed out a hand-me-down infant carseat! it's all ready for the baby now, complete with the anti-head wobbling sheepskin thingy! my daughter put her baby doll in it, and has been playing with it. now i guess i just put it in a trash bag to protect it from the garage mayhem! i bought diaper pails at the used kid's store yesterday, so i'm just going down the list! i'll probably be all ready to go by march or something, and then what?

i've been planning some trips...to san fran with my daughter for chinese new year, to the hot springs spa (where they cook amazing food for you!), to portland/seattle for spring break with the family, and an overnite "date" to mt. shasta with my sweetie (as it will be a LONG time after the baby til we do that again!). so now i have some things to organize other than baby stuff, and some things to look forward to between now and the baby!
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Well I don't have a scale so I'm not positive, but I did weight myself at the Y the other day and I would guess I've gained somewhere between 5 and 8 pounds... hard to know for sure because I've never used that scale before. I think last time around was about the same at this point.

Felt Tonto (that's what we call him/her) kick today for the first time. I'd been unsure before, but this one was a definite double kick. My daughter celebrated by zerberting my belly (her communication of choice with the babe)... it was very fun.

Other than that... just day by day trying to eat decently, sleep enough and enjoy growing this babe.
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I've found myself very droopy and mopey the past two days. : Now, I always find Jan-Feb to be a tough time of year--family visits all done, weather grim, nothing exciting on the calendar for MONTHS...

But it's been a bummer couple of days.

I've also been ravenous, constantly. Today I ate and ate until I felt over-stuffed and unwell... and as soon as the over-full feeling subsided, I needed to eat AGAIN.

I think the move to my maternity pants is not helping my mood. 1) I lost weight last spring and was so proud of my relative slimness. 2) Because I was 15 pounds heavier when I got pg with DS, I think my maternity pants are all a size too big. Everything feels baggy and ugly.

Sorry if I'm bringing the mood down.

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Willo, I know what you mean about feeling blah. I've been feeling kind of yucky the past few days too, and I HATE how my clothes fit. Maternity shirts still look like tents on me but my non-maternity shirts are so tight and small that my belly hangs out the bottom. I wish I could either fit into my old clothes or be big enough to fill out my maternity clothes!

I have the same issue with eating and I ate WAY too much pasta tonight and now I just feel bloated and overfull. I'm sure I'll be starving again in 20 minutes. One minute I'm full and the next minute I have to eat ASAP.

Your not bringing the mood down, I'm sure everyone can relate to how you're feeling
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