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OMG Wombat, you're part of the SCA? I used to participate until I got married and had kids. My DH is not into it at all. I've never been to Pensic but have done several camping events and loved them. How exciting!

I have a wedding to go to at the end of April and its about 5 1/2 hours away. I'm not sure yet if we'll go or not as much as I'd like to go. I guess we'll have to see how I'm feeling at that point in time.

We got our 1st real significant snowfall finally. I mean for goodness sake I'm in Minnesota and our first real big snowfall wasn't until January 14, sheesh!! I have been enjoying the above freezing weather, however. Its been nice not having to bundle up the kids in 50 layers just to take them to school and daycare. I guess its time to start waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning so I can get the kids ready to go.
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TLS- yup

My dad was a SCA-dian when I was a mini-me...his persona was a monk and I was his "penance" (my mom hated SCA and would never attend events). When I met Dh in college it turned out he was involved in the SCA too (with his mom, and had been since he was about 10).

We were part of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn in college, but we're actually members of a larger household (not geographically based) that usually gathers at Pennsic...Clan Hamilton (part of the Highland Alliance). Dh and I had been really good, making it to Pennsic 11 years in a row! But then I was pregnant, then Dh was unemplyed and I'd used all my leave to stay home a few extra days with DD, and then...well...it's been three years and if we don't go this summer I'm gonna jump off of something!

But I love the SCA, even though we don't attend many of the local Myrkfaelinn events (it's still a college group, but as "adults" the vibe is a bit odd) especially since they are scheduled during my work hours (I work a lot of evenings and weekends). But it's still a wonderful group...and the SCA as a whole is so much fun.

Is there a specific element your DH doesn't like? Maybe his views have changed, or would change if he saw a different aspect of the society?
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Wombat-DH just thinks everyone in SCA is weird . He doesn't have much in common with any of my friends and just can't get into it. I've talked about all different aspects and nothing interests him. Its ok, I'm too busy now anyways to be involved anymore. I was also a member of the cast at the MN Renaissance Festival which I loved too but its too much work with a family to keep it up. Perhaps when the kids are older and if they show some interest I'll get into it again. However, I'd need to make all new garb since I'm a bit larger now then I was pre children .
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And just so everyone will have an idea what TLS and I are going on about...

Pennsic site (check out the photos...) http://www.pennsic.net/index.html
SCA site (the official, and kinda boring site) http://www.sca.org/

Random picture of me at Pennsic last time we went (so, errrr, 3 years ago)... http://www.pennsic.net/cgi-bin/ppd.c...&id=1057111494

My persona is early Irish so thankfully all my garb is pretty flexible and nursing friendly (actually, in that picture I'm not wearing "real" garb...it was early morning and that's my sleep tunic)...I attended a SCAdian wedding a few weeks before we learned I was pregnant (hmmmm, last SCAdian wedding we went to was the day before I tested positive with dd1. Maybe there's something in the water?) and everything fit fine. I even cobbled together some baby gard for dd out of linen dish towels!
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More SCAdians! I guess it only makes sense that we'd show up here! I started playing in the then-region (now Kingdom) of Ealdormere, and moved out to the East Kingdom in '97. I actually met DH at a meeting - I'd been involved with L'Ile du Dragon Dormant for about six months, and he walked into fight practice looking for this medieval thing he'd heard about...

We're in Ruantallan now, but haven't been involved much since October or so - we moved apartments and it's not as convenient to get into fight practice as it used to be. That, and our current Baron and Baroness are stepping down in the summer and the politics are probably going to get messy.

We both play Tudor/Elizabethan, so I have to make myself a new kirtle and loose gown if we go to anything this spring. War Camp (July 1st weekend) is going to be right out!

I wonder if there's enough of us for a SCAdian hobby thread?
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I haven't had the chance to get into SCA yet, and with this little one on the way, I'm not sure when I'll get a chance. I played NERO for about 10 years, lots of fantasy and magic, the chance to be someone else for the weekend, and not strict at all about the time periods. I haven't gotten to that in a couple of years though. Listening to you makes me miss my fantasy time. Time to go curl up with a fantasy novel for a while.
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We are nominally involved in the SCA as well. Actually, in our area, it is pretty nice to bring our toddler DS. He gets us to meet people we'd be too shy to talk to.

I discovered the SCA in 3rd grade when they came to my school and did an educational event. I thought it was the best thing ever. I remembered the name, but couldn't find them. (I remember looking in the phone book sometime around age 14. This was pre-internet!) My college was too tiny to have a chapter, and I didn't think to look at Cornell, plus I guess I was busy with my own school's activities.

Anyway, we started attending occasional events here in the Carolingia (Boston, MA) area the year before DS was born. We've kind of gotten to know some people from Canton of the Towers (North of Boston), and that's helped. These are the folks with lots of young kids. There was an all youth event here last summer. DS loves SCA events. He associates putting on a tunic with going to a party.

My persona is 13th century Spanish Jew, so loose tunics are the order of th day. Excellent for pregnancy! I will need to do some with front slits to do any events while nursing, however.

Anyway, I could see doing a SCAdian mama thread around here. (There's an SCA Parents Yahoo group, but it is lightly populated.)

In other news, we are cold, too, but luckily we didn't get the ice/snow they thought might make it here from that midwestern storm. Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 degrees max (but feeling much colder with the wind chill.) I'm glad we don't have school on Wednesdays. I walk DS there, and it is right by the ocean. BRRR!

My in-laws are both unwell at present. FIL broke his hand New Year's Day (and required surgery for it.) MIL had an attack of neuralgia yesterday and is in so much pain she can hardly move or do anything, plus she can't lay down. I feel terrible for them both, plus this makes the third week in a row that I've had scheduling issues (no babysitters!) making me have to alter/cancel my work hours. It is frustrating as I'm *NOT* the kind of person who flakes out of work, but what can you do when you don't have childcare! Arg!

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