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Bizzy B Hive

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I have 3 AIOs from her and I love them all! 2 are Windpro, one is a gorgeous applique which is holding up incredibly. I Just got a batik outer (must be PUL in there somewhere) and she's even narrowed down the soaker a bit more. It is super trim, I love it. Great workmanship...quite trim...and they have two soakers so they are quick dry and you can customize absorbancy.
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Her customer service rocks, too! Great communication. Candy even sent me a free bottom part of the two-part snap in soaker for an AIO of hers that I won (used) off ebay that was missing part of the soaker!
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I LOVE my BBH! They are my quickest drying diaper. Well made and I love the fact that they're either Organic cotton or hemp.

Edited to add that I now have a size small WIO and I use the shell as a cover over a variety of fitteds!

I was a tester for her new Organic wool... it's so great! A bit bulky but it's an awesome nighttime cover for my super soaker.
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I have all fleece AIOs and I LOVE these. They are sooo cuddly soft! I love them as a night time diaper, they work well overnight and they give me the "warm and fuzzies" knowing how soft and cuddly they are.
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I just got 2 sets won at seperate auctions. In all there are 4 PUL AIO's, a Baby Lulu T-shirt, a barrette and a peaseant dress made by Candy. The workmanship is flawless and the obvious care that she used in making these items carried over into packaging! Each set bundled and tied with coordinating ribbon. Her e-mails were friendly and she kept me updated as far as when she recieved payment and when she shipped! A big for BBH!
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I recently acquired a PUL AIO and 2 quick dry diapers-one all sherpa and sooo soft!
These diapers are incredible-great fit, trim, absorbant and beautiful! She has a great selection of fabrics too.
The AIO gave me confidence when we went on an outing since it has a 2 part soaker and I didn't have to worry about leaks. And since the cover can be reused if still dry we've used it for 3 changings today!
The diapers can even be worn around the house without a cover for at least 1 pee without even going thru the diaper-love that!
I'd highly recommend BBH!
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Candy is fabulous, and her work is awesome. I just love her diapers! Good fit, fair price, great customer service!

I have one wool cover, and two AIO's that were custom made.
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just received my wool AIO and it is made beautifully! the workmanship is topnotch, and the fit is great.
i've been using it a alot over this past week and i've not been disappointed yet.
i have used it with the snap in it came with, and i have used it with prefolds. No problems so far. no wicking no leaking. not to bulky IMO

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These are heavier than many other wool covers around. The shell is made of two layers of felted wool. If you add on custom appliques, it's quite a lot of shell! Not stretchy at all, but the fit is supple enough because of gentle elastic around the legs and waist. Don't be surprised, though -- this is a *lot* of shell!

The soaker is luscious: a hemp fleece contour topped with velour, snapped together with a hemp fleece doubler, all of which snaps into the shell itself.

Beautiful sewing.

I found the size range to be a tad bit small. If you're on the upper side of a size range, I would not necessarily expect to use the shell over other diapers.
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I have a fleece AIO that I purchased from NaturalBabies.com and it is terrific! Very soft, well sewn, and the soaker is so trim and quick drying. I do find the sizing to run a tad small but DS is 32 lbs and still in a large. Very good value for your money!
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I have two Bizzy B Hive wool covers. I love them. The colors are great, the serging is perfect, and they fit my dd like they were custom made for her. Usually I prefer a turned and topstiched style, but the felty wool helps the serged edge look neat and finished. The color on the wool does bleed a bit onto my diapers, but I'm hoping a vinigar soak will take care of that. Even if it doesn't, I still love this cover! I don't feel that they are too bulky either. The wool is prefelted, so there is no worry about accidentally washing and shrinking them. I use them with a trifolded prefold, no problem.
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Another huge for BBH! I have two fleece AIOs and two Batik AIOs, and they're all gorgeous. I can't believe how soft they are! And Candy's customer service is second to none. These are easily my favorite dipes in my stash right now, and she's a dream to work with. I'd recommend BBH to anyone!
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I would gladly sell all my other diapers for a full stock of these! I have her PUL and Fleece Quick Dry AIO (about 10 at this point) and am so in love with these! We never have a problem...and GREAT Customer service!!!!
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i took the advice of everyone's reviews and got a few bbh dipes for overnight use. they are fabulous. sooooo soft! i would really recommend getting them larger than you think you need, b/c they fit small on dd and i measured her beforehand. i wish i could buy so many of these diapers! they are really well-made and candy's customer service was great.
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AIO- Candy has an incredible selection of fabrics to choose from, so there is something for everyone. The diaper is beautiful, with no flaws, and fits wonderfully.

Wool Cover- Like the AIOs, the covers are very well made, with great attention paid to the details. The fabrics are soft, and overall the diaper is wonderful.

Candy is great to work with, and has great communication. I hightly recommend this WAHM.
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I bought a fitted and I LOVE it!! It's very pretty, beatiful workmanship, and well worth the $$
She had fast shipping, the packaging was beautiful, she included some great free diaper balm, and the service was super friendly!
will buy from her agian

I have also owned some of her fleece AIOs. They never leaked, dryed quickly, very absorbant, just great dipes!
I love BBH!
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I love BBH! I had the pleasure of scoring a cutom from her about a year ago -- not only was she so great to work with on finding my esoteric design, but her work rocks. Its still our favorite cover and part of my no-sell-ever list
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