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having a bad day

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We spent 500 bucks to fix our water heater yesterday. It has never really worked properly since we moved into our new house a year and a half ago, but we were just too busy to mess with it. But yesterday we finally got someone out here and I didn't really care how much it cost, I was just so happy to have hot water.

Well we had hot water for DS's bath last night, hot water for DH's shower this morning...then about 10am I went to get in the shower and there is NO hot water. NONE.

I'm so sad...I just want to cry. I'm almost 6 weeks and the nausea is starting to pop up, DS was a pain to baby-wrangle yesterday for 3 hours and now I'm going to have to do it again when the plumber comes back out to try and find out what's wrong.

Why can't stuff just work? All I want to do is take a hot shower

Thanks for letting me vent
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Aw man, and just got the call that my car requires $750 in repairs. It just keeps getting better!

Thank goodness we have an emergency fund for stuff like this, but jeez...does it all have to happen at the same time? And at a time when I can't have a glass of wine OR a hot bath to relax?
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I hate it when everything goes wrong all at once. It is good you have an emergency fund but never fun using it up. I hope everything goes easily and smoothly and that you are already relaxing in a warm bath. Hang in there!
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I know, I like to watch the emergency fund and savings account GROW
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Oh, and thanks so much for making me feel better!
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Awwwwwwww, I am so sorry, mama! What a yucky, yucky day. I hope things make a turn for the better soon. <<<HUGS>>>
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That's so unfair!

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Man, we still don't have hot water! The plumber came back out and said the water heater is tripping the reset button/internal breaker so we need to have an electrican come out.

So now I'm trying to get ahold of our builder (our house is only 1.5 yrs old) and see if they will consider this an emergency and send someone out this weekend!

I consider having to BOIL water on the stove to give my son a bath an emergency!

And on top of that we decided to order Chili's-to-go last night since we can't wash dishes...I ordered a hamburger and when we got it home THERE WAS NO MEAT between the buns!

Jeez! Please please please...tell me next week will be better! :
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I hope things get better for you!
I can't imagine being without hot water for this long!
It seems when it rains it pours...
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Thanks for the hugs, Stacy!

It is a gloomy, rainy day here, too...I usually like rainy days, they relax me. But this gloomy rainy day is just making me even more sad and stressed.

But good news...I got ahold of someone with the builder who agreed that no hot water is an emergency, an he's trying to get an electrician out here right now. Hopefully soon!
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I hope so.
FWIW, I've been known to bath the baby with a few kettles of boiling water mixed with cold in the kitchen sink
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OMG...so it turned out not to be electrical. So we call the plumber back for the 3rd time and they set up to be here from 10-12 this morning.

He calls me at 9:45am..."Um, just calling to make sure you still wanted me to come out."

HELLO??? WE DON'T HAVE HOT WATER!!!! YES YES YES I want you to freaking come out! Then he calls me 30 minutes later and says he's having car trouble.

Oh, I will be calling and speaking with a manager tomorrow, that is for sure! : : :
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UGH! Sorry it's not working out.
Many hugs!!
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Hugs mama. It will get better, promise.
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The plumber is finally here. Hopefully we will have hot water soon! :
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Originally Posted by rach03 View Post
The plumber is finally here. Hopefully we will have hot water soon! :
Have you taken a HOT bubble bath yet?

Hope it was fixed yesterday! (If not, sorry, I didn't mean to tease you with the above statement. )
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Yes! We have hot water right now. I'm waiting to see if the water heater is going to keep working or if it's going to shut itself off again. Hopefully it keeps working!

I wrote a very long email to the plumbing manager about all the problems, and he said if it does fail again he will replace our water heater at no charge!

But really, I just want it to keep working...I don't want to deal with these people anymore.

DS and I took a long bath last night!

Thanks for thinking of me!
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WOOHOO! Glad it's fixed!
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Well, it was short lived...the water heater tripped again. This time DH just reset it so we will have hot water tomorrow. I'll be talking to the plumbing company and the manufacturer tomorrow to try to figure out who is going to fix this mess!

Please guys, think positive thoughts for us! I know it's a small thing, just a stupid water heater...but when you are pregnant small things are big deals. I just want to curl up and cry!
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WOW! : that it gets resolved soon!

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