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Baby room pics

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Here's some pics of the babys room (and my lovely cat Kismet) if anyone wants to see. It's so fun getting ready...I'm almost there
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not from your ddc. but i love babys rooms. they are just way too much fun to decorate if you have the space. never mind that dd didnt spend a single night (or day for that matter) in her crib

i love your baby room!! it has such a sunny vibe, and i love the little shabby details. and the hanging lanterns! (thats what they are called, right?) and love that peach colored chair!!!! great job! just lovely!

here is mine: recently re-done to be just a little more grown up for dd (4) but still sweet for baby!

and the mural of course! :

ok i just saw myself on that pic and man do i look tan or what!!!! i miss being in the sun.
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What a gorgeous cat. I bet she will have some adjusting to do, being the oldest sister soon!
I love your room too. Both if them, Sofie's Mom!

I was just painting mine today and thinking that I will soon be able to show some shots. We only got our cribs today, so it hasn't looked like much of a baby room so far.
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Sophies mom...you're mural is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics...they r beautiful! As far as Kismet (the cat) goes Jude Rose, I'm pretty sure she knows how gorgeous she is...Often loving & sweet and I love her to pieces but the CATTITUDE she puts out....Whew!
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How pretty & girly They are both very nice rooms. We definitely have a boy theme for our 6 year old & the nursery is green & not done. Oh well, it will be for changing diapers anyways
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I love the baby rooms! Awww, I wish I had an extra room to decorate. We cosleep with all of ours so we never used the rooms, but we did fix up a nursery for the first two. And I'm missing it with this one! BOO HOO!!! I need my sister to move out so we can have that room to decorate for baby!

Your's looks great though! I love the boppy cover, SWT!
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Thanks...I made the boppy cover & blanket myself (it was a used boppy hand me down and I wanted to "update" it...it's soooo soft and cuddly now)
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lovely rooms! i remember when we were preparing for ds1...got the whole nursery ready and he never used it. never once slept in the crib. he never slept in his room until he was 10mths old and then it was on a mattress on the floor this time, no nursery, no cute stuff, just us and the babe in our bed. we don't have a room for ds2 anyway and if we're still inour current home when ds2 wants a room, he will just have to share with ds1. i'm sure he'll be thrilled
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beautiful job!!

my "baby" room is shared with DS.. so they get the "big truck" theme hahaha.. poor girls.. everyone sleeps in our room anyways..
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Sneaking in from the May/June DDCs...I LOVE the green in that baby room!

Are you having a boy or a girl? I'm having a girl and have seriously been considering doing her room in the theme of a "pea patch"...but have been having trouble finding simple green bedding, etc...

I just love that room. You did a great job!
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Sofia's mom--What a gorgeous baby room!!! I love that pink!!!
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Originally Posted by cjanelles View Post
Are you having a boy or a girl? I'm having a girl and have seriously been considering doing her room in the theme of a "pea patch"...but have been having trouble finding simple green bedding, etc...
PBK has some plain green and some green gingham, and kaloa kids at babies r us has/had a bit , too.
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The rooms look awesome!! I'm having a fun time with Anna's room, now that we've finally begun work on it lol

Here are some before pictures, also the room our youngest was born in:





New paint, new design still a work in process. Our goal is for all painted be completed by Sunday:




This is Jonesy, he's our artist aka DH's best friend lol

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mooliette, beautiful murals!

I can't wait to show pics of our room, I just need to finish it! Hopefully, in the next two weeks.
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