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I used Mother-ease one-size diapers for almost four years now and they are easy but not absorbent enough for a heavy wetter, even with the liner snapped-in. They dry as quickly as prefolds in the dryer and are a good diaper for light wetters- easy to change and they fit well on my dd from 3 months until she potty-trained at 31 months. The leg bindings are very soft and are nice because they have no ruffles.

They are getting thin after being washed for a few years and are even less absorbent- my ds is a heavy wetter so they aren't working well. I use them as a wrap by putting a folded infant chinese prefold inside. They'd be good for travelling because they dry quickly.

I believe success with these depends on having a light or avg. wetter. They didn't fit well on a newborn under 10-lbs, either.
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I ordered the one size sampler package from ME probably a year ago. I wasn't too impressed with the diaper when I first saw it but have grown to like it more & more. I like the Air Flow cover immensely, it fits over every diaper & the PUL seems stronger than my Proraps.

I've never tried the ME one size on a newborn, I imagine it would be very bulky, but it fits my toddler well & makes for a nice trim diaper. I like the stretch terry & think that this is a great, basic diaper.
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I got one of the one size diapers and i was not impressed. It did not fit my baby very well and there is no way it would have fit him the recomended amount of time. It was also not very absorbant. I would not buy this again.
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I admit it. I love my ME one size! We use them almost exclusively. We have honestly _never_ had a leak with them, even from the beginning when ds was leaking through every other diaper we had tried at night. All we add at night is a snap-in liner and we're good to go for the whole night long. They dry fast, which I love, and they're pretty trim during the day without an extra liner. We also use the air flow covers and love them. Fit over every diaper we have and the PUL is so soft compared to some other covers. All in all, we're very satisfied!
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I have used ME OS on my 10 month old DS he was about a month old (10lbs). They fit well until he started thinning out in the thighs, and now they're a bit gappy so that if he has a liquidy poop, we have a leak. Before that, they held in everything.

I like them, but I think of them as a workhorse. They're predictable, but not the most absorbant, and not my favorite.

I have used several sizes of the ME Air Flow and Rikki Wrap covers. I love the Air Flow. If the diaper misses anything, the Air Flow almost certainly holds it in. The side snaps make it easy to get a good fit, and they may be poofy, but when covered with clothing, they're not very bulky.

My DH is a big fan of the Rikki Wrap. They also hold in everything, but I don't like the velcro, just because I don't like velcro. DH thinks the velcro makes it easier to put the cover on. It's a matter of preference. Also, you can lay a trifolded CPF in a Rikki Wrap.
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I have a few One Size diapers and an Air Flow cover. The cover is OK - no leaks or wicking but it tends to leave red marks on my DS's skin. However I must add that I have this problem with almost every PUL cover I have - I think he has sensitive skin.

I don't like the diapers very much, though. They aren't very absorbent and they gap big time around his legs. I would say my DS is on the average to slim side.
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I have used ME AIO's for day use for over a year now and love them!
I have tried many dipes and although these are quite plain-jane looking, they are reliable, trim, and so easy to get on...
mine have been washed and dried hundreds of times and they are holding up great!
I also really like the Airflow covers. I use these over a fitted diaper at night sometimes and find them also to be superbly reliable and high-quality.
I think Mother-ease diapers are a great investment!
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Motherease One size

These are a popular one I thought we should have a thread on. These were some of the first fitteds I tried. They don't have all the "bells and whistles" that some other one size diapers and fitteds have (prints ect) but I consider them a good staple diaper. They have always been a good fit on my son, I wish the doubler was a bit more substantial, as I feel the need to use a better doubler or just add an extra now that my son is getting older. They seem to hold on to stains a bit more than my other diapers.

Another thing I like about these diapers is that they don't have ruffles that you have to tuck in to your cover like many fitted diapers.

All in all, I consider these a very nice one size diaper, not as absorbant as some, but a great value for the cost.
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I love love love my ME AF cover. They are so lightweight and preathable. These are the only covers that I would use except that DH prefers velcro.

I'm not so fond on ME OS. Now that my dd doesn't need to have the front folded over the fit is fine but they are nowhere near absorbant enough even with the snap in liner. I also suspect that the high polyester content tends to hold stink and stains longer that with prefolds.
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I have one ME OS with liner and an AF cover.

The cover is great--goes over all my fitteds, fits well, doesn't leave red marks and has never leaked.

The diaper is ok. It's not all that absorbent, but I can just pop in a hemp fleece doubler and it's fine. It's one of my quickest drying diapers, so that helps if I wait a bit too long to wash diapers and need something ready fast.

We didn't start cd until dd was 14 months, so I'm not sure how the fit will be on a smaller baby. It seems that it would be a bit bulky since the crotch is so wide. I also wonder how well it will hold in bf poop since the edges are bound and don't seem quite as snug as some of my "ruffled" diapers.

But given the price, availability and resale value of these diapers, I would say they're a good deal to help round out your stash.
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I like the Me OS. I dont use their cover because the leg holes are mighty tight but the diaper I like with a wool cover over it. Its abosorbant and holds up through many washings.
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Sandy's diapers
XS are a great fit on a newborn
XS, S, and M all have fairly high rise
side-snapping, but small range of fit - it would be nice to be able to make the waist tighter and the thighs looser!
quickly saturated, but they easily accommodate a thick doubler
fast dry time
great for holding BF poop!

One-Size diapers
I don't like the OS dipes - they have all of the cons of the Sandy's but none of the pros. Additional cons include bulkiness on a newborn, very wide crotch, and poor fit around the legs.

Rikki wrap (velcro) and Airflow cover (side snaps)
velcro wrap - nice, trim fit
snapping cover - roomy enough to cover any diaper, but tends to leave elastic marks on baby's waist
both wraps - babies with chunky thighs may outgrow the leg openings quickly
ME's cover material tends to attract pet hair
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If they were made of a different fabric, I would love them (the one size) but I don't like the poly blend fabric they use. Not as absorbent as we need for bean.

Great fit, though!
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i have several ME airflow covers and about 6 small sandy's, i found these worked the best for me at night time when ella was a newborn, and i was struggling to keep her dry at night.
i still use these, and my husband feels these are easy to use as well.
i also use the airflow covers quite a bit over prefolds and it's a very trim and reliable cover. No leaks.
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Can't say enough good things about the Air-Flow cover. I've never, ever, ever had a leak no matter how bad the explosion, and even with a totally soaked fitted or prefold underneath. I use these almost exclusively.

The main "workhorse" of my stash is ME OS. They aren't the fanciest diapers, and they have a reputation for being not very absorbant. Yet despite trying a variety of fancier dipes, I honestly have found nothing that is so much better as to render my OS obsolete. They fit my DD well, although we are on the last snap now (hopefully now that she's walking she'll slim up a bit and not get too big for them).

I actually like these diapers. They do the job and that's really all that matters.
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Our OS have been really good to us - I got some used & we use them daily for toddler naps. No they are not incredibly absorbent, but they are easy to use and I like the finished edges.

AF cover also great. Ours are beat to shreds but still very waterproof and very usable.

The charmlessly named "bedwetter pants" are tough as old boots, I can't believe how well ours are holding up. The insert-thingy stretches after a while but they still work well, again ours are in daily use.

We did not use these until past the "fold-over" stage so I have no recommendations on how they'd fit on smaller babies - what others have posted sounds about right though.

Forgot to say that I was shocked by the appearance of the bedwetters when I first got them - they seemed really cheezy compared to the OS. But I forgot about it quickly because they worked!
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LOVE LOVE LOVE! I wish I had found them with my son! They'd be my one and only system!

My daughter has been wearing them for about 2 months now, and the absorbancy has improved greatly! I think you just have to wash them several times to get to max absorbancy.

The legs on the ME OS are soft "training pants" type material that is so comfy on my daughter's legs. The Sandy's we use at night with one doubler and it lasts all night long! The AF covers are great, as are the Rikki's, but they do attract pet hair. Not a big deal for us, since dd rarely is in ONLY a diaper and no pants.

The AIO's, at first glance, look very flimsy and like they wouldn't hold in an ant's pee. But, they really are very absorbant. I was pleasantly surprised.

And, these diapers really hold their value! On ebay, you always see bid wars on them. It makes it hard to find a good deal! And, in all reality, I'd rather buy them used so that they have been broken in and washed already.

I LOVE these diapers!
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i found the onesize to be absolutely huge on a newborn, until they were at least over 12 lbs, especially huge across the crotch. they dry super quick, which is great, but also not so absorbent on my toddler... needs at least 2 doublers

like the sandy's much better, more absobent, better fit... i love side snapping dipes!

and of course, LOVE the air flow covers, this is all i use!!
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I really like this diaper. I have skinny, long kids and they worked great for us. They were not too high in the rise, and I never had a problem adjusting the leg or waist to fit in the size range they were meant to fit in.
They are very durable and hold poop in well. They hold enough for the average daytime peer, IMO.
I like that the wings are not really long like EVERY other side snap diaper I've tried. I don't like the extra on the belly and poop getting on the wings.

Air Flow
Best cover I've ever owned for durability and not leaking/wicking. Great fit on my skinny kids (never had the red marks others have had). Allows for air to escape and get in.
They do attract pet hair, but I usually have clothing on my kids' bums, so it's not usually a problem.
To me, both the diapers and covers last for quite a large size range and overlap, so they are economical for us.
Rikky wrap
Again, most reliable for not leaking or wicking. Velcro is not as durable as the snaps (the rest of the cover is very durable, though). Super lightweight, soft fit (great for a newborn).
My only minor problems with these is no foldback laundry tabs, velcro curls off at corners and scratches MOM when baby doesn't have clothes over it (never scratched the baby, though), and I'd prefer if the velcro tabs were horizontal instead of vertical.
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I love the motherease diapers! I started my dd off with the xsmall sandies with the rikki covers. They fit her from the start and she was just under 7 lbs. We then moved on the the one size diapers and the airflow cover. We never had a leak with these diapers, even overnight. The one thing about ME diapers is you have to wash them a lot before they are absorbant.
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