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Ok, some people seem to be able to edit their replies, but I cannot, so let me add to my review:
Training pants
These are nice and soft and were easy for my son to pull down and up, but they didn't hold more than a small accident.

Bedwetter Pants
These are the best I've tried. They hold a lot of urine and are so comfortable for my daughter. They are easy for her to take off and put on, and have never leaked. Really poofy, though. :LOL

Oh, and I spelled Rikki wrong. Really? No editing here? It's driving me bonkers!
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I just have to say that I love the ME OS! I have a couple of Sandy's and altho I like them as well I find them bulkier harder to get a good fit. Granted, my ds is a bit of a bean pole . I like the Rikki wrap more so than the airflow as I find it easier to get a trimmer fit. The downside is that ds can undo the velcro.

Great value for the price and I have NEVER had a leak with these fellas!
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I tried the small Sandys as my first cd and I loved them. No BF poop even gets onto the cover. Excellent dipe.

The larges were bulkier than what I like, so I switched to a different system when ds sized up.

I plan to use the small Sandys with our next baby and am looking for some xs as well.

One Size

I had some of these when ds was smaller and did not care for them in comparison to the Sandys. Now, ds is bigger and I actually like these fairly well.

Air Flow covers

LOVE THEM, never leak and hold up well

Rikki wraps

did not like the wide, stiff velcro across my baby's tummy, so returned it
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I just love the fit of the small Sandy's on my 6 month old. He has a 15 1/2 inch rise, 15 3/4 inch waist and 8 1/2 inch thighs. I find it trim and absorbant enough for my light wetter. Definitely a favorite!
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I exclusively use ME OS dipes and they are very much workhorse dipes. With the snap in liners they absorb as much as a CPF once they are fully broken in (which takes a *long* time). At around $9 each they are economical, moreso because they are onesize dipes, and they are very well made. I used them for a little over a year on my oldest, and when I got them back out to use on my baby there were no signs of wear on any of the dipes. They are working great for her. I've heard of them lasting through 2 or more kids.

ME dipes sometimes get a bad rap. Some people say they don't absorb well, but I think it's because they were not fully broken in. You can't just follow the instructions that come with them and wash them once or twice and expect them to work. It takes at least 7 washes in my home to get them working.

But after being broken in, my dipes absorb really well. Without the liner they are good my 2 month old for a couple hours at least. With liners they held up just fine for with my then-2.5 year old. You really do need a liner for an older child. I wish they came this way and you didn't have to order them separately.

At night I line a OS dipe with a JB and it will last for up to 10 hours. Two nights ago I ran out of my ME dipes (because I forgot to transer them to the dryer) so I tried a *premium* prefold with a JB. It didn't hold up as well overnight as a OS with JB. I had to change it at 3 AM because it was soaked.

I used these from 7 pounds with my newborn. They were a bit bulky in front but then you can't expect a OS dipe to fit like a newborn fitted dipe. The bulk was really not that bad, and after I got it all tucked into a cover it fit fine. The terrycloth is wonderful for preventing poop explosions with a newborn. Really grabbed it and held it in.

One more thing about Mother-Ease is if you buy a dozen dipes they will give you one for free! Their customer service is great. They replied to my email within 24 hours and are wonderful about exchanging things.

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I love these for nightime - I have to put a hemp doubler in, but they absorb lots and the fit is great. I like the wings better than any other side-snap dipe I have - none of that extra material to get in the way.
These work well for us during the day. I don't have any problem with absorbancy, but I got mine used so maybe that's why. I love the one-snap front closure. I HATE doing up a billion snaps on a wiggly toddler. Have to use the snap-in liner though.
Airflow cover
Cannot say enough good things about this cover. It NEVER NEVER NEVER leaks, fits great. Boring colours, but I will soon try and paint one (gasp!) That should help.
Rikki cover
Didn't use these much at all. My ds was 16 months with a big belly when we switched and the velcro would always rub his belly, thighs or both. Also, I couldn't get the prefolds to stay up when laid in the wrap (maybe it was me - I was a newbie - but I've tried since and can't make it work).

Altogether good products. Readily available, reasonably priced, and MADE IN CANADA!! Yay!
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Bedwetter pants are amazing! I have used 6 pr. for 3yrs. and they are just beggining to wear. Never leak either. The Sandys however wore out with just one kid (thin spots). I love the side snap covers though, they never leak.
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I my Airflows. Never had a leak, and they fit well and wash well.

I have used ME OS as the staple of my stash since ds was born (22mos) and they are a good diaper. I went through a phase where I didn't like them only because I wanted to try new things, but have gone back to them, and am very pleased with their performance. They fit well and are very economical for fitted diapers. They aren't the most absorbant I've used (and mine have been washed dozens of times), and ds is starting to outgrow them, but he's 32lbs, so they're pretty true to their size estimates. Wish I'd saved myself some money and just stuck with them right through, actually. They are very bulky on a newborn (and ds was 10lbs 10ounces at birth), I couldn't get a lot of his sleepers over them, and they looked so uncomfortable.

I have one Sandy's, and it's also a good diaper, but by no means trim. Fits well, and is a great alternative to the OS if you want side snaps, or a two sized system.

ITA about their customer service. It's always been very prompt (they shipped the toddler dipes I ordered the day I placed it, and confirmed within an hour that they were shipping that day).
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I love the Sandy's AND the OS dipes. They worked great for my 2 sons, both average wetters I'd say. The AirFlows are nice for daytime, outings and such, wool worked best for nighttime covers. I enjoyed the trim fit, slim appearance and sturdiness in construction (as I bought them used to begin with, and they lasted through 2 kids). I think the BEST thing about them is that a friend bought them for nearly what I paid for them in the first place and SHE'S happy with them, too!!! Thumbs way up!
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I love my AIO! I got my first set as hand me downs from sil. she used them for 2-3 yrs., then ds#1 used them for 41/2 yrs. I was then able to hand them down to a mother down the street.

They hold blowouts really great, they were the only ones that dh agreed to use. And if I can get him to use cd, then I'm sticking w/them

( Also, I can count on one hand how many leaks we had for 4rs. of nightime use)
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This is a good no-frills diaper. They wash and dry easily, and fold flat for stacking. The covers hold in leaks. They are a little bulky through the crotch.
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Rikki Wrap: A good workhorse cover. Held in most poo with prefolds. Not a night cover, however.

Cons: Didn't survive washing in an industrial machine - prints faded/fabric wicked. Also, the velcro tabs started sticking up after a while which I didn't like.

Airflow Cover: Rarely leaked overnight unless there was a problem with the diaper. Love this cover. Great value for the price. Easy to care for, still looks like new.

Con: Pouffy. Not crazy about the prints.

Sandy's Diaper: I just bought 8 of these for my toddler. I love them. I can pull them up like a pull-up disposable which makes them great at diaper change time. Then, I unsnap them open when used. They seem absorbant but they seem to collect wetness in just one area. No poo leaks yet. Hard wearing, easy to care for. Cute on.

Cons: Take forever to dry. Low in the rise, which is not so great for my tall baby. This wouldn't be a con for everyone, though. Didn't turn out to be absorbant enough for the night, even with a large liner. This was disappointing, but I have a heavy wetter. I haven't had them long so maybe they will improve with time.

Updated to add: I think they have improved with time. I can now leave a Sandy on for 4-6 hours during the day and know it won't leak. I've also moved to using them at night, though DD is nursing less, too. Very happy with these diapers. I'm especially happy that they can be PULLED ON!
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I inherited a set of motherease os and some large sandy's when I was pregnant and I love them. They (the os) fit from birth until present (27 lbs.)and there's still room to go.

My mother bought me another dozen when ds was born (these were the unbleached kind, while the ones I inherited were bleached) and these were really too big until he was probably 12-13 lbs. So I don't know if they started making them bigger, the unbleached are bigger, or the dozens of washes the first set went through with their first owner shrunk them, but the unbleached ones are still bigger on ds at 27 lbs.

I just started really liking the Sandy's recently when ds started having huge soaking pees (they're definitely thicker and more absorbant, but take longer to dry) and they also fit better now that he's walking??? .. .though I'm really not sure what the size range for them is.

For a long time we used a os with two liners at night and they worked just fine. Now that his pees are so big we moved to pockets at night, and I'm going to try some other things too, but the meos or sandy's were just not cutting it.

I really like both the covers, the only reason I prefer the air-flow is that they're easier to get on a toddler trying to run away from a diaper change. I find that they both work equally well. When he was a medium, I only had the Rikkis. They're really thin and sturdy.

Except at night, I've never had any leaks with the whole system at all unless we put something on wrong, which is pretty hard to do.

All in all, I think they're great. I can see my os, which I got after my friends baby was exclusively in them for 3 years, and used exclusively for my ds, lasting for at least another baby, maybe 2.
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