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I've been having them all day today. I drink enough water and even took a tylenol but it is still there.
I'm afraid it means something worse like toxemia although I have no swelling. I will see the doc tomorrow to have blood pressure checked and will see if there is protein in my urine.

Should I just relax? Should I try to have my b/p taken tonight?
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Do you live near an Eckerd or a store like that where you can use those machines to do your own BP? It might make you feel better. But yes you should definitely relax. I get nervous about that too, especially when I had a high BP! Do you have any other signs? Vision distortion? Pain under the ribs on the right?
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headaches are pretty common in pregnancy. the looseness of the joints means the neck can be come messed up fairly easily. and sleeping on your side all the time can be brutal for the neck too.

i fyou are concerned about pre-e, tomorrow have a liver panel done. protien in the urine is pretty normal at the end of pregnancy, as is creeping blood pressure. neither are good indicators of pre-e.

i had a lot of heaches in my first pregnancy until i went to see a chiro. she adjusted my neck and i never had another headache for the whole rest of the pregnancy. (except for one really bad sinus one)

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I have been getting bad sinus ones... it sucks!

hope you feel better..
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