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I have my AF

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I cannot believe this!! I have my AF already

I will be six weeks pp on Saturday. It is light but I am 100% sure that it is AF (I won't give you the gross details) I am nursing on demand around the clock. I am just shocked that this happened. I didn't have AF for 22 months after I had Elle so I really was not expecting this

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hmm... that is pretty surprising... I always think of that as one of the benefits of pregnancy/nursing--at least you don't have to deal with that for awhile...

but at least perhaps you'll be able to have a regular, predictable cycle instead of just assuming it isn't happening while nursing ...
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thats what confuses me i am breastfeeding my daughter i had her dec 25th ive been bleeding on and off like it stops completely for a day then starts again out of nowhere, i dunno what is up with that. i didnt nurse my son so eh its different this go around. i thought eventually its supposed to be like a yellow/brown discharge? like after a few days after birth or a week or something.
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I had some bleeding yesterday-my son is 6 weeks also--
I have been doing way too much-working ,etc & am fighting a breast infection /flu thing .I think also it can be a hormonal thing & not the ovulation kind of period.

I did not have AF for 15 -27 months after all my others --but I napped daily with them & have not with this one
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AF here, too, darn it! :

It was a nice thing to miss during the pregnancy, and I had hoped that she would stay away for awhile longer (the midwives and OB promised! )
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