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Support Mothering Through Mountain Rose Herbs

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10% of your purchase of herbs, essential oils, and other natural health care products from Mountain Rose Herbs will be credited to Mothering if you click on this affiliate link to shop at their site:


Mountain Rose Herbs has become the Leading Organic Supplier in the finest, freshest organic botanical products. Organic herbs, essential oils, and natural body care products as well as a full selection of ingredients for crafters too. Come check out the full line of:
  • Accessories & Tools
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aroma Sprays and Flower Waters
  • Body and Bath
  • Books
  • Capsules, Bottles, Jars & Containers
  • Oils, Butters and Clays
  • Dental Care Essential Oils
  • Facial and Hair Care
  • Herbal Oils, Extracts, Salves, Balms and Teas
  • Incense, Resins and Candles
  • Lotions and Massage Oils
  • Medicinal Herb Seeds
  • Tea Brewing Supplies
  • Women's Products
Mountain Rose Herbs - "A Herbs, Health & Harmony Company"
Since 1987
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Is this going to put on the Mothering home page?
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I just have to say I LOVE Mounatin Rose Herbs!!!!! I've been ordering from them for years and they have the highest quality herbs.
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Yippee! I've been a Mountain Rose Herbs customer for about 5 years now - their quality and customer service is excellent!
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I just made my first purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs. I suspect I will be buying all my herbal needs from this company if it is as good as what people say, and I am thrilled to be able to help contribute to MDC through my purchases.

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OMG ! I didn't know that. I've been a customer of theirs for a year. I love their products!. Thanks for the info.
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the short cut does not connect for me. any suggestions? thanks in advance
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What a great idea! So many fantastic products.
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i would do it if someone could tell me how the link works. i cant get it to connect. it is a great idea but it isnt working for me.
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Try this:

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I also love mrh and have been a customer for the past few years. They have the best selection along with the best quality herbs and products.

Does anyone else have a problem with shipping? It takes almost 2 weeks for me to receive their packages. I am on the east coast but I order other things from the west coast and it will take 7 days top! Usually you can get it within 5 days. Does anyone else experience this?
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I Mountain Rose Herbs.
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awesome! I MRH too
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I want to make a purchase- how do I make sure MDC is connected with my purchase?
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I shop Mountain Rose also... but I order by phone. Is there something I can tell them when I make my next purchase?
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I discovered MRH about a year ago and now order all of my products exclusively from them, unless I'm in a pinch. I'm glad to know they support MDC and will make sure to click on the MDC link when I order next.

Their quality is superb.
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I have ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs before (on recommendation from my mother) and I find that their products are wonderful! I've used their vanilla facial cream and I love it. They make superior products. In fact we use their oils for many beauty uses. I really like their stuff:.
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Originally Posted by Salvia View Post
I want to make a purchase- how do I make sure MDC is connected with my purchase?
Could someone confirm the correct URL and outline procedures for purchasing via telephone to be sure MDC gets credit for the purchase? Thanks!
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i asked that months and months probably closer to a year ago and never got a response.
i would really like to know too. thanks.
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That's very cool.

And *bump* on the questions.
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