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Hmmmm. Looks like something's up with the banner that was in my post. I'll check on this and let you know. We have been receiving occasional checks from them. But I will ask them how members can confirm that the credit is given to MDC. And I'll let you know.
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Anything? I know you are busy, darling, but it is tea season and I need to make an order! :
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Sorry for the delay.

I did check with them and our account is still active. As long as you purchase through the link above it should credit MDC. And if you want me to check to make sure you can send me your order info and I'll do so.
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Thank you!
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I will be ordering some herbs from them very soon and I hope they ship to Saudi Arabia as well...
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: :
I finally got to order all the stuff I need to start making gifts for people! All natural with my touch. I'm so very excited. I can't wait to get everything. It's nice to know that some of it goes back to Mothering too. A good deal all around.
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This is my absolute favorite site to buy my natural products! I highly recommend it! They are great!
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Mountain Rose Herbs is a fantastic company. We are patrons as well. I am waiting for my gallon of coconut oil to come in the mail as I write!
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ugh I wish I had seen this yesterday before I ordered.....
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Ooh yay! Good to know as I purchase a lot of my products from mountain rose!!!
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I buy from them a few times a year, never knew about the link until now...but I will use it from now on !

They have great essential oils, nebulizers, and soap....the Simmons Forest soap is wonderful for dry skin ! The Kathy's Family lemon soap is very lemony !!!
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Mountain Rose Herbs is the best est !! Seriously, great prices and awesome quality!
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It's working for me. It takes me to the Mountain Rose Herbs site to shop.
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Buy Herbs

Does anyone have any good websites where I can buy herbs preferably not by the pound that are relatively inexpensive. I normally get them from a local store here, but they dont have arnica or calendula. Any suggestions?
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MRH, the thread you bumped, sells them in 4 or 8oz amounts, but shipping would add quite a bit to the cost. I am buying 2 months' worth at a time so that the shipping is more reasonable (we can go through quite a few nettles in that time period).
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is this still working?
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The link to take me to MRH still works and I think it still gives MDC a small percentage. It doesn't give us, as buyers a discount, though MRH has nice discounts if you are buying several pounds of herbs or spices, I have culinary herbs coming for my freezer.
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