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Pot-bellied toddlers?

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Any moms out there have a pot bellied toddler? My son will be 3 at the end of May and he still has a pot belly. Sometimes it looks so big, it is as if he has a baby in there!!! My older son is a skinny guy, so I really don't remember him having this, or at least not this noticable. Ds2 doesn't gorge himself all day. In fact, his appetite has dropped conciderably over the last several months. Oh, and it isn't squishy, so I am not concerned about him being overweight (he has been 32# for pretty much the last 8 or 9 months and about 38" tall).
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I have one of those guys too! In our case, it is less about the size of his belly and more about the form of his back--he has kind of a sway back which makes his belly stick out!
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DD is almost 2.5 and still has an adorable belly!

Must be genetic, early photos of me show the same.

It does eventually go away... I had a nice flat stomach after that... right up until I discovered beer and wings in college
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My guy has one too - it's so cute!
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DD has this too! I joke that I need to buy her "toddler maternity" clothes. In all seriousness, our doctor reassured me that she was fine and that her abdominal muscles hadn't fully developed strength to hold her developing organs. He told me she'd "grow out" for a bit and then begin to "grow upwards."
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I was expecting a little more of a pot belly for DS, because my brother sister and I were all pot belly kids. I'm sure it is genetic. My brother and I grew very lean after about age 4, where as my sister was always on the heavier side, so I don't think it means anything in particular about body type. I think it's so cute!
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I sometimes wonder if my little pot-bellied kid has worms.
Is that possible?
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I have a pot-belly boy, too.
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My oldest son turns 4 in a couple weeks and gets a pot belly, then grows taller, over and over again for the past 3 yrs. I love when he has a potbelly! Although then I know he's about to outgrow every piece of clothing he owns and look older overnight.
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My DD has a potbelly at the end of the day - but by morning she's skinny again! I think she just does all her digesting at night or something.

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DS has a HUGE pot-belly. And he's so skinny in other places...i can wrap my fingers around his thighs. He looks malnourished :
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My DD has it too, she also has a sway back (as do DH and I). Actually she was sitting after her dinner last night and I joked to DH that she looked more pregnant than me
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I remember reading in The Well Baby Book that the swayback/potbelly is a characteristic of a 2 y.o. body. No worries mamas! I just wish mine looked as cute!
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I thought all toddlers had that?

In all seriousness, though, I love her belly. She was "diagnosed" FTT in infancy and was very tiny and skinny (to sum the whole ordeal WAY up), so when the belly finally came I was quite overjoyed.
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Pot bellies are normal in toddlers. Its from not yet developed abdominal muscles. They will develop more over time.

My dd is almost 15 months old, and she has a pot belly. The funny thing is, she is only in the 7th percentile for weight. So she is this super skinny thing with a pot belly! Its so cute!
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Yeah! I'm so glad to hear there is more pot-bellies. My DS has quite the pot-bellie and the chubby cheeks to go with it. Most people call him fat, which really irritates me. He's a little "overweight" but so active and eats very healthy. That's just the way God made him and I'm sure he'll stretch out sometime. But it's good to know that I'm not the only one. I think it's just the cutest!
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My DD has the cutest Buddha belly. I especially love it when she's naked b/c her legs and waist are so small then she has this big ole gut hanging over .
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Chances are all of your babies just have cute little bellies, but I wanted to mention that have a large belly on an otherwise-average sized baby can be a sign of celiac disease. My son was recently diagnosed, so now I'm seeing symptoms everywhere I look. Just wanted to throw it out there in case anyone was seeing other things going on in their child.
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My son has quite the pot belly as well. He's short for his age (35 inches at almost 29 months) and weighs 31 pounds. Everyone always mentions how husky he is and how he looks like he's going to be a football player. : It's definitely genetic, though - pictures of me at that age look identical to his body type - and I'm 5'2 and 102 pounds now - so not husky and football player like. I've always had a slight pooch though, except when I've been sick and gone underweight.

Ds loves to eat, and he still nurses a lot. And his belly starts off smaller in the morning and looks huge by nighttime as well! All the kids we know are really skinny, I mean REALLY skinny, so I think in comparison he looks even "bigger" to everyone.

It's actually nice to know there are other kids out there with pot bellies. I always thought it was normal, but out of like 15 children his age I can think of off the top of my head that we know, only 2 or 3 of them have pot bellies!
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My ds never had one, his tummy is totally flat and he's a skinny kiddo who eats everything in sight. Dd has a big ole pot belly and doesn't eat nearly as much as he does. I always thought it was more genetic than anything else because they're both totally healthy.
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