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I can't stand to eat anything healthy.

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What is wrong with me?! I used to be such a healthy eater, really.

Now the thought of anything healthy makes me literally gag. I tried to choke down some eggs this morning and it was horrible. I had pre-e with Ani and I know I need protein but I just can't do it. I tried some cheese -- same thing, Ugh.

Sometimes I can eat a banana for breakfast. Or cheerios.

I can totally eat fast food and cookies, though. And if I don't eat anything at all, I feel sooo nauseated. I hate this.

What high-protein foods can you guys eat?
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I've been eating lots of peanut butter. Eggs have been okay, hard boiled seems the best, I usually slice them up on toast with salt and pepper, sometimes butter (if it smells right that day!). I got some sliced turkey breast and swiss cheese from the deli and that works pretty well and is very easy to put on crackers or bread when the hunger comes on. I've made some home-made hamburgers that worked pretty well for me (organic ground beef and I also grated up some carrots and onions and put them in the mix for flavor and veg). I've been having the most trouble eating vegetables, which are normally my favorite things on earth. I also eat tofu fairly regularly, but now it has to be pretty well cooked or else no go. I fry it up with a stir fry of veg... but the problem is that that just doesn't last me very long any more and an hour later (even if I had it with a ton of rice, say) I have to eat again. It's really just meat, eggs and pn butter that gets me any distance. Oh gee, writing all this has made me realize that I must go eat again!
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Peanutbutter has been good for me too (on a toasted english muffin with a drizzling of honey) also yogurt. Cheese is absolutely disgusting and I refuse to even look at it in the fridge (so sad, because I normally LOVE cheese?!). Meat is the same (and I am not a vegetarian) and I can't even think about eggs. Blah. Occasionally I am able to choke down a Zone Perfect protein bar (either chocolate mint or chocolate almond flavor). Honestly, I just wish there were a protein pill I could take! Good luck.
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i ate a steak from applebees today. also for breakfast i had eggs and bacon... i know you said you can't eat eggs, but how about some greasy bacon? it's still pretty easy to get protein from fast food (burgers with bacon on them) its the vitamins from fresh fruits and veggies that are hard to get from a junky diet. if it makes you feel better, i LIVED off fast food and junk food during my first pregnancy. the only things healthy i got was the lettuce and tomato on my burger, milk, juice, and my prenatals. and i had a perfectly healthy babe with a 9 apgar. not that im advocating eating junk, but if it's all you can hold down, it's all you can hold down.
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So you think eating junk is better than eating nothing? I'm pretty good at taking my prenatals so I'm not too worried about vitamins, etc, but mostly protein.

I made a bunch of deviled eggs today -- usually my favorite, and could only eat half of an egg.

I had some chips and cheese with pastured ground beef for supper, so that's something I suppose. . .
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Fast food protein is better than none in my book. But you're talking to someone who craves the nastiest fast food when pregnant :

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my midwives say just eat whatever you can stomach in the first tri. my problem is that i have vertigo and morning sickness and have trouble stuffing down even junk food -- i just don't have the strength to get it. the past two days have been awful, and not eating makes it all soo much worse, trust me. eta: i await pizza delivery as i type this.
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I go through one or two week rotations of what sounds good. Usually things are different every week. Here's some stuff I've eaten so far:
* boiled eggs (best warm, but OK cold)
* yogurt (lots of yogurt)
* cottage cheese (this was working really well for the first 6 weeks or so, but no go anymore). Even a spoon or two helped at the time. Put fruit on top for interest.
* egg in a frame - essentially a piece of toast with an egg fried in a hole in the middle. I prefer mine undercooked - the egg yolk keeps the toast moist.
* smoothies (2 a day right now) - I sometimes add protein powder. It messes up the consistency, but lasts a little longer that way. Oh, and yogurt is good here, too. And milk.
* peanut butter on toast (sometimes with honey to make it interesting. I am NOT a peanut butter fan)
* grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe the extra butter would make the cheese taste better

I'm having a hard time with meat in general. It just doesn't sound good. I've had a few burgers and they were OK.

How about soups or stews with rice and beans in them?
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Originally Posted by ani'smommy View Post
So you think eating junk is better than eating nothing?
absolutely. something is better than nothing! why don't you go to a big buffet and see what all appeals? not like a chinese buffet, but more like a ryans or a golden corral... something with a ton of variety. you're sure to find some different things that you can stomach and then maybe you can make a healthy version at home.
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yall are singing my tune here...

i have NO desire to eat vegetables right now...and we grow them.
my poor dh finally gave up when the midwife said that most women are on the "white food diet" for the first 12 weeks anyway. Luckily, the protein goes down okay if i don't think about it too much...
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I say eat what you can stand to eat, and start eating healthy when the nausea and aversions go away. I can usually drink a lot of milk, so that helps with the protein, and if I can ever manage to make protein shakes (hard to manage when I'm watching a toddler) those are good too.
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What do you put in your protein shakes? I think I could drink a smoothie pretty happily -- I don't know why I didn't think of that before! I'm a little wary of chemical ingredients (I know, me, who craves fried chicken).
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I swear my first daughter was going to come out looking like an egg McMuffin!! Soon enough you'll be eating really healthy food again, so eat whatever you can now. Isn't it weird how our bodies don't want healthy food at about the time you think it should have healthy food??? Must be some primal instinct for FAT!

Hey - what about greenbeans in the greenbean casserole (canned of course!)??

I'm currently living in Sweden, and so was really pathetic yesterday when I was craving an Applebee's chicken sandwich (with the cheese, tomato and bacon) and of course the fries. It was pure torture substituting the Wasa bread and cheese!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your American junk foood!!!!!!!

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Well thanks everyone, I'm feeling much better now. I had a yogurt/strawberry smoothie for breakfast and it was perfect. Cold and refreshing. Now I'm drinking RRL tea with honey. Anyway, I have decided that for the next few weeks I'm just going to eat whatever I can and not worry about it. I am now letting go of the guilt . . .
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Yep just eat what you can. If you can take a vitamin, do that too.

I crave lots of salty things. I normally eat the all natural peanut butter but right now I can't stand the thought of putting that vile substance to my lips so I have to eat the regular peanut butter with lots of sugar and salt in it

Hard boiled eggs are a good high protein snack. MMMMMMMMMM or egg mcmuffins.

I have been giving in to my cravings because I feel soooo good after, like my body really needed those Kit Kats, or salt and vinegar chips, or Coca-cola :
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I'm right there with you. I never ate fast food before this pregnancy and ate very very healthfully. Whole, from scratch foods. You know. Now the only healthy thing I can seem to eat regularly is grapefruit. A couple weeks ago I craved eggs like crazy, but now the thought of them makes me sick sick sick.
When I can stomach it I have a waffle made with whole grains, nuts, molasses, and flax for breakfast with peanut butter. That actually makes me feel good if I can get it made and eaten before the major nausea kicks in.
Other than that I just eat whatever makes me the least sick at the moment... lately it has been Taco Bell, pizza, grapefruit, saltines, or Nutella. Not great choices, but better than nothing I guess ??
I hope for all our sakes this sickness passes soon :
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I just pretend that fast food doesn't exist and try to figure something out.

I put cottage cheese in my smoothies--it has lots of protein.

Right now, rice crackers with muenster cheese and an apple is going down pretty well--don't really like any other cheeses currently.

Roasted almonds and sunflower seeds seem to do well too, along with spelt pretzels with peanut or almond butter.

Plain roasted chicken with yams or squash is pretty good as are mixed vegetables.

Anything with beans or tomato sauce, I cannot eat.

Strangely salmon is also somewhat appealing. My diet is pretty limited right now, but at least most of what I am eating is pretty good for me.
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today i had coca-cola for the first time since i got pregnant and wow! i have never tasted anything so good!!
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hubby and i went to Johnny Rockets for dinner tonight and boy greasy french fries and a hotdog never tasted sooo good before!
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My friend told me something awesome today. Everything good in what we eat goes to the baby and we get the leftovers. So the worst I'm doing is malnourishing myself!
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