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Baby is engaged!

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At my appointment yesterday the midwife said the baby was indeed well engaged and anterior. Yeah!! I've been carrying very low for a couple of weeks now and was pretty sure baby was wiggling her way down there pretty good. This is kind of exciting for me, because it's only my 2nd baby out of 7 that have actually engaged before I'm pushing them out. Also, my last couple of labors have started with my water breaking and baby up high and floating which always gives me fears of cord prolapse, especially since I like to be upright and moving around as much as possible. Also, 2 of my babies have been breech, so it's always reassuring to have a head down baby. My mind feels a little more clear knowing that there is a hard little head down there and anterior at that.
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good to hear everything went well. sending good vibes for future appointments
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Yayyyy!!!! I hope this means an easier and less worrisome labor for you!!
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I am sure that knowing everything is in place feels great! Congrats!
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What delightful news!! I am so glad this baby is where she is!!
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Congrats! I want to hear those words as well. I've had one breech and two face ups and only 1 that engaged before labor. You're giving me hope that it can happen!
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Woo hoo!!
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