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Making headway with DH

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So last night we were talking over our finances, and things are actually starting to look better. I just got a new job and will be making significantly more, so we might just be able to have a homebirth.

When we were talking last night, I told DH that I was considering a UC. He said "you absolutely can't give birth by yourself. I said so." So I said "I absolutely can't give birth in a hospital. I said so." (I realize this sounds way jerky of him, but he's not usually like that, really.) Anyway, I think that really made sense to him. He asked me if I would consider going to see a doctor as well as a midwife, and I told him I would if he really wanted me too. (Our Dr. is very hands off and really didn't do anything at prenatal appointments anyways.)

I think after we meet with the midwife, he'll feel better anyway.

So I'm very very hopeful now!
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mine felt way better after he met the midwife. he was pro-ob, pro-hosp all the way, until he met the midwives. fortunately they are very schooled in the latest studies and stats and that made him happy.
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Congrats on the new job! I have a job interview next week. I'm glad you and your DH are coming to agreement about homebirth.
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