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DH/DP nesting??

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I think my husband is nesting. Not that it would be a bad thing, but I think he is!! Recently he's been really wanting to get a bunch of junk cleared out of the basement. He also recently did a bunch of computer maintenance on our computers. He finished a closet he's been working on.

The last time I was at the end of a pregnancy, he put in a new furnace and hot water heater! This also entailed knocking down the old chimney and putting in pipes instead!

Funny, I never nested with my son, and I've only very briefly nested with this one! Maybe there is more nesting to come... we'll see!!
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my dp is doing the same. he is trying to get everything organized, got us a bigger bed so we can continue to co-sleep. he is even buying food to make meals that we can freeze. i think he just gets the vibe i'll be having the baby before the edd. hehe
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What a guy! I only had a brief spell of nesting this time too, spurred on by the fact that we were having company. I keep waiting for more nesting urges to come on. I NEED those urges and last minute energy!
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I wish!! No really dh is hardly ever home to be nesting around here but he has been spending quite a bit of time trying to get our cars in good running order. Maybe that is the way he is expressing it
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I had a spell last week. Still haven't finished that global warming project...
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I wish!!!!!
My DH just left for a ski trip with his pals in Colorado. Boy am I jealous!

Seriously, DH has been great lately though -- I was sick all week before he left and he made me lots of yummy soups and made lots of tissue runs to CVS for me. He also cleaned out the basement last week, and he has been singing to the baby, which is really cute...
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DH said he wanted to clear out some junk, but hasn't really done it yet. I am just glad he was able to lay the wood floor in the baby's nursery. That & he has to fix my leaking sink in my bathroom. I've been keeping him kind of busy with other things so he hasn't had much time to do his own nesting yet:
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Mine too! He got our garage all cleaned out and organized which means I am now able to walk in there to get to my mounds of baby/kid stuff. Now I just have to go through it all. He also cleaned the bathrooms and playroom yesterday. Of course the playroom is a mess again, but at least the floor got vacumned!
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