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Bead Swap

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Did everyone get their beads? I hope everyone's have arrived safe and sound!

My bead was the green aventurine carved roses. They were all so pretty! I just got the chain today to start making a bracelet out of them. I will post the pic as soon as I am done!
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I haven't got mine yet, but I am international and we just had a big blizzard for the last few days, so no mail has been making it through. I'm sure they'll come soon and be lovely, though. Wanna bet I go into labour the day they arrive?
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i got mine the other day but forgot to buy elastic to chain them when i was at the store today: blame the preggie brain... they are all so beautiful!
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I haven't received mine yet. I am hoping they're just taking their time making it to the west coast.
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I'm wearing mine right now!
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I got mine a few days ago. Thanks so much for setting this up, they are beautiful!
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I got mine Monday or Tuesday, I forget. I'm on the west coast. I'm going to be putting them together tomorrow at my blessingway. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!
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I got and love my beads!!!
My SIL is a jewelry designer and she is coming over soon with some of her gear so we can string the beads!!!
Thanks for all of your hard work!
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Great to hear everyone! I just got my chain yesterday to wrap them on. Now i just need some artistic inspiration to get started!

Maricopa Mom- I live in Montana so actually thought you would be one of the first to get them. Please keep me updated, Ok?
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I got mine last night, thank you everyone for such beautiful beads

I spent well over an hour searching for one crimper bead to finish off my necklace, I know I have a handful somewhere lol. Looks like I'm off to the bead store tomorrow
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You will have to post a pic when you are done!

Same thing happened to me but mine was chain. I thought all along that I had some but found out that I didn't have enough! Hope to work on it tonight.
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Got em! Thanks!!

Mine now live on a pretty little dish on my birth altar... mixed with the beautiful beads from dd's swap, aaah what a great collection I have now!
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