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Now that I've had a chance to use my QD AIO"S I love them more than I did before when I just loved the way they looked.
I have 5 xsm qd aio's and I usually wash them every night so I can use them first before going to the fitted or prefold I have.

I also have a wool cover for nights for my older son that I am in love with! It works great! His clothes stay dry. I've only used my aristocrat once since I got this one in the mail!

Thanks Amy!
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These diapers are beautiful. I have two Quick dry AIO's. They dry super fast and are a great fit on my DD. Very generous in size and super trim. I have had no leaks even over night for my super soaker.
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I just got to start using one of my angel wraps (I have 4: 3 meds, 1 large). Its just a tad smaller than the other mediums, still big on Orion but they are just too cute to not use! I LOVE the snap in soakers!! They pull the wetness away really well! And today Orion had a major poop (hadn't gone in 3+ days) and it contained it all! Woo! These are *beautiful* and very well made diapers that work very very well!
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I feel awful for not raving about Angelwraps earlier!!! I own about 8 or 9 Angelwraps: both QD & regular fleece AIO's & I LOVE THEM ALL!! I am now in the process of ordering more in the next size so that I am prepared!!
Amy is so sweet & accomodating~she even lets me buy my own fabric & send it to her! She is SUPER fast & always keeps in touch to let you know the status of your order.
Honestly, we use only our Angelwraps fleece AIO's at night & have never ever ever had a leak!! They get washed ALOT & have never let us down yet. For daytime, her QD AIO's are trim & fit like a dream.
Thanks AMY for making my CD addiction so worthwhile!!
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I can not say enough wonderful things about my AngelWraps qdaios, or Amy! I have 7 aios right now, with 5 more on the way! These diapers give an amazing fit on my little one, and I love that they don't leave any red marks from elastic. I've only had one leak, but that was my fault - I put a diaper on her that was still a bit too big. I found some fabric that I really liked and Amy let me send it to her to make a diaper from - I can't wait to get it! She always answers my questions promptly and is very friendly. Her sewing is beautiful, customer service is great, I know I'll order from her again!
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I cannot say enough good things about my QD AIO's from Angelwraps. I bought five mediums about 7 months ago and all but one still look BRAND NEW (including a black background print dipe!). The other is looking a bit faded from being washed almost every day for that time period LOL!!

They fit really well on my babe who was 15 lbs and 3 months (very chubby tummy and legs) and STILL fit him as a 20 lb 10 month old (with a smaller tummy and still chubby legs). I bought a couple of larges to size up in advance of him needing them and couldn't wait to use them.. . Eventhough her site says Larges go from something like 22 lbs (I think, I may be wrong about that) they still fit GREAT!!!

I get sooooo many compliments on these dipes when I'm out. It's my "conversion" diaper... when I'm going to be around other diapering mommies, I bring them to show off how totally cute and easy they are Even my mom and my MIL love these dipes!! DH digs them, too

I wish she weren't closed for custom now or I'd order more!!!

She does AWESOME work on matching sets, as well. I have one hawaiian set that I bought for last summer and it's still going strong (tho he has to wear the shirt open with a t-shirt under it now because he's basically outgrown it.. but it's so cute, I can't bear to give it up!) I bought a different hawaiian type print for this summer and it's just as beautifully made as the first one.

Kudos to Amy... she rocks!

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Absolutly wonderful diapers. When I use to use AIOs these were my diaper bag diapers and I don't think I ever had a leak. They aren't super absorbant but they worked great for my light wetter. I had extra soakers so I would just bring 3 shells and 3 extra soakers and that would last me for hours when we were out.
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I just love my AIO from anglewraps which I have had for a few months now! It is the most trim AIO diaper that I have ever seen AND it looks cute too! Lovely colors... My son is growing out of it and I need to get one size up now! Awesome Design!!!!! Can't believe how trim it is!!!

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Well, I hate to be the wet blanket but I wasn't completely thrilled. I have a fleece cover & a flannel/velour diaper, both off the TP so maybe things have changed. The cover & diaper are both beautifully made and also very pretty. The fit on my kind of average-shaped baby is good. But the velcro/aplix/whatever across the front is so wide and stiff!! The diaper, because of its crossover design, has 3 layers of the wide stiff velcro and it is completely rigid across the front, right at the baby's waist, so it cuts into her when she leans forward.
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These are my very favorite diaper! I have about eight of the QD AIOs and they're all gorgeous, don't leak, and dry quickly. My ds is just over 20# and the mediums have TONS of growing room. I anticipate that he'll be in them for many, many months to come.

Really, I can't say enough good things about these diapers. They are just fabulous.
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I've had great luck with my Angelwraps aios. I have a couple qd which are not by design our trimmest, but the fabric is so flexible that they fit just as trimly as others. I also have a regular aio that holds in all of my son's nap pee!
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I bought my first med ss aio angel wrap last month and love it!! It is a great fit on my dd who is a thin 20lb 17m. I especially love the snap in soaker, as it is wider in the back My aio came as a set with a custom dyed and patch work t-shirt, it's adorable!!! I also had the pleasure of meeting Amy and she was wonderfully nice and sweet and very professional! I can't wait to try more!
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I have had my bug print quick dry AIO for quite some time and it still does just PERFECT! I love this diaper for under clothes and the "trim" look.
I love this diaper......I need more :LOL
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What a trim, cute, effective AIO! I normally hate velcro, but those on hers are great--it really closes tight, no babe could possibly pull it open, and that also means that when I'm holding my baby against my tummy in just a diaper, *I* don't get scratched either. Yay! I love the fit, the prints, everything. I never had a leak and Amy is super!!!!!!!!!
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I my Angelwrap QD AIO's and Amy is awesome to work with. I got 2 of my AW's used - one on ebay and one from the TP. They both have velcro closures. I liked them so much that I had to have more - so I ordered 1 instock and 1 custom directly from AW. They are side-snapping and Amy added an extra set of snaps so that they'd fit my skinny girl better.

These are DH's favorite dipes!
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I had 12 small Angel Wrap AIOs that I got to use from birth until 10 weeks, when my son hit 16 pounds. He has been using his 12 medium AIOs from around mid-April until now. He is now 11 months old and 25 pounds and still using them, and although they have faded a bit, they still work well. I love them.
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I have a windpro AIO and it is great. Great wahm, helped me with color selections. Made the diaper in a very timely manner, and it had great workmomship! This diaper is a true AIO, and is a great choice for my frequent wetting dd for naps. It is a little bulky, to be expected with fleece, but it molds to dd and fits very well under clothes.
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A year later I still love my AW'S. They work so well and are so very well made
Trying the side snaps now. Cant wait.
I wanted to add that even though Amy doesnt use suedecloth I mailed her some 2x and she gladly made my dipes with it. They are even trimmer than with fleece.
She is also adding nylon taffeta to my fleece cover and aio upon my request
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I really love the AW quick dry AIO's. They are babysitter and dad friendly, and they hold a ton of pee! I have NEVER found a diaper that will work for nighttime and these do! (I just lay some extra soakers in) Even my husband said, "I like those. They hold a lot and they don't leak." and getting him to use cloth has been a project for me! YEA Angelwraps!
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Another big fan here: excellent craftsmanship, quick shipping. I wish she would offer some custom slots. I'm using her QD AIOs and a fleece cover with prefolds (or the soakers that came with the aio, if they are clean) and am extremely happy.
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